Sunday, May 29, 2005


Gotta restart 3 times to get into this page. "CREATING NEW POST". Normal surfing was alright mah. duno why once i get into this page or finish this page and update, internet connection is down.

Its a BRIGHT SUNSHINE sunday....Thought it would rain and rain and rain so that i can sleep till 2pm. Was watching "Desperate Housewives" yesterday nite till 2 pm. You get so addicted to it. I got sleepless becos of it and there i am waking up after 7 hours of sleep to continue watching it. Its very nice! Can borrow it to those desperate housewives out there! haha.

Gonna walk across the road to buy zui gui4. yummy! was having bird food for entire nite (greentea flavour sunflower seeds-samples i got from one of Food expo's manager) while Mr D had his juicy, tasty malay ramli burger. 天理何在????

so, i'm gonna get some HUMAN FOOD before i continue my desperate housewives drama.

Oh yah, talking about illusions and 妄想症。my 第六感很准的喔!i think kevin noes about it. Cos at first, i keep it to myself when i have such "feelings that something's gonna happen". The only time when i share it with friends is when i saw a train on top of a tree when i stepped out of the house one day. Couldn't believe it. when i looked again, it's gone. ITS A SIGN. so i went office to do my shift and switch to 中天频道,阿里山神木火车失事惨案!Ever since i told my friends about my wierd feelings, strange enough...i never had such illusions again. Previously, when 911, SIA taipei crash happened, i have weird feelings that something tragic and major incident is gonna happen.

其实我不希望第六感那么准,因为知道了又怎么样,又不确定会发生什么,在那里,当然也阻止不了。Recently i guess i'm 神经质lah, kept imagining the moment i stepped out of the mrt , i will die in a major explosion. 原来kevin也有这样的体会,怪不得会成为我的“情夫” lah. haha. (阿鸿在巫启贤演唱会看到我和kevin以为他是我老公,我告诉他他是我的情夫。That's how the whole情夫thing started.

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DJ Kevin said...

I had a similar thing happened to me many years ago. I had a wierd dream about a big truck come crashing into mine. It was so vivid. I woke up and got horrified the whole day.

Then i got a call that a friend met an accident and was killed. He was in a van and a truck came crashing into his sitting position.

I think they call this premonition...