Saturday, May 28, 2005

Did you ever have such experience?

whereby you think you are going to leave the world suddenly. I always have such illusions of me being murdered, being blasted to death in the mrt station. haha...你一定会认为我是疯了。

有一阵子,好担心被杀害。那是我人生活得最恐惧的一段日子之一。当时被一个stalker跟踪。我真的拿他没办法。在新加坡,任何人都有权利跟踪任何人。你不能控告他,就算通过法律途径申请保护令。Restricted order也不能保障你的安危。因为他不能在近距离靠近你,这不是更糟糕,你永远不知道他藏在那里。整整一年被这个人弄得精神恍恍忽忽。每次踏出公司就一直往后看,害怕他跟踪我。最近,接到听众的电话,他说“蔡萦欺骗我的感情,我每天送花给她,花了$700多块,她是爱情骗子。" 为什么这些人都一厢情愿的认为对方对自己有意思呢?为什么他们权利干扰我们的私生活呢?当时,我去警察局报案的次数比他上警察局的次数更高。

最近又有这种感觉。我告诉Mr D,我要吃鲍鱼,趁着自己还在,善待自己。如果我走了,不要难过,要好好照顾小鸡,它不是陪葬品。哈哈!我想我肯定是被逼疯了。


justin aka juzdevogue said...

hey yongmei,
justin here!"
nice blogs and interesting story

i also got build my blogs


how is your long didn't stay in touch by mail..hee!

sincerely regards

Seraphim said...

看看你是不是得了妄想症 :P

DJ Kevin said...

鲍鱼..nice meh?? tasteles stuffs..

please la.. i also have wierd thoughts about MRT explosions and Airplane crash..
Either we are both normal or we are both siow ding dong

Jesline26 said...

Yongmei I know who u are talking about .. but please forget about the past .. forget about that winnie the pooh called yongqing or else u will never be happy..

its already six years past already if he is still stalking u then he must be really " too sick"

Therefore if u feel that he's around again please call us immediately we help u to "beat " him up.