Monday, May 02, 2005

My best friend from KL is here!!

He knows so much of me, my career, my love life, my strange behaviours( like talking to my favourite chicken, my love to pour sprite into martini glass pretending i'm drinking martini cos i can't drink alcohol).

we haven't met for almost 2 years but we still sms each other though we are so far apart.

he is my mentor,my good buddy, my karaoke kaki. his voice is quite similar to jacky cheung.

he is a photographer and writer in Yum Yum magazine. food mag.

Took him to japanese, turkish restaurant. he is a funny single guy who likes all kinds of magic. i bought him magic stuff when i was in tokyo and recently to shanghai.

Really hope he can find a good wife someday though he enjoys living alone now. Our favourite movie is "Somewhere in time" . In fact i bought him a somewhere in time tune musical box when i was in hokkaido.

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