Sunday, May 01, 2005

sad news...

So shocked when a colleague from 958 jingyun told me she heard from some indian students that our indian dance teacher shilpa has passed away last year.

Cant believe it. surf all indian classical dance websites but didn't get any info to confirm that. She did a crash course with us on classical dance. a 2 min segment. I still remember she was so busy then, packed with classes , tues to sundays from morning 9 am to 8 pm daily. she actually rejected our requests to be our teacher. However, she said i left a good first impression when she saw me. I know she enjoys OC. she missed the final episode of it cos she has to go back to india to attend her brother's wedding and perform a dance item she choreographed. she said she was so stressed cos she has no time to choreograph.

i felt so bad taking up so much of her rest time.

She was healthy, she was chirpy, her eyes brightened up whenever she starts dancing, she loves dancing and teaching. but i really dun noe if the news is true that she got dengue fever when she's back india and passed away last year.

she was in her 20s, bubbly full of hopes....she wanted to meet a Mr Right. If wasn't becos of her parents worry, she could have dance in Europe. she got an offer to dance full time there.

i missed her smiles, her love for vegetarian food, everything about her...

i am praying for the best.

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