Monday, April 11, 2005

Face homework

My face is sponsored by Coslab. (main branch at Tras street). Endorsing their pdts and services means i can go for unlimited facials and body treatments. I'm thankful to Dr Andrew Ler, the boss of Coslab. I used to go for his classes, whereby i learn about anti aging, why we have sensitive skin, why dark circles can't be removed, why we have big pores and why permanent hair removal is not possible. I like his frankness. Did a year long programme with him on 972, he always share the truths about myths of beauty business. As i have always said, even if one day i'm not endorsing their company services, i would still go there for my facials. It's very VERY professional, the beauticians are well trained. Dr Ler enjoys talking to his "patients", he can spend hours talking to them, clearing all the doubts they have about skin conditions. Most importantly he is knowledgeable. not like some of the beauty salons who is all out to get our money.

Recently their headquarters business SO good until i can't even book an appt. gotta go to other branches. sigh....

It's not easy to find a good hairstylist, a patient teacher. It's even difficult to find a good beautician. Well, this is not advertisement, you have to try out to believe.

My skin condition is improving, cos i did a lot of homework. i put masks twice weekly, coslab's skin repair hydro cold mask( for sensitive skin like mine), skII treatment masks (gd when your skin is dry or you didn't sleep well) and biotherm balancing purifying mask (to deep cleanse your pores).

i spent a lot of time and $ on my face. used to try out a lot of products, it takes a while before you find the right one for your skin. what's suitable for me might not be suitable for you.

Will share with you more of my beauty experience with you here. can't do it ON AIR.


Anonymous said...

Hello YongMei,

Gong Xi Fa Cai! would appreciate if you could share some tips of how to cure acne and blemish skin. what kind of fruit juice is helpful to get rid?

Acne pie

Anonymous said...

hey. heard from u about the mask that costs only 2 bucks?! can tell me more bout that???? =)