Sunday, April 10, 2005

Been so busy recently

ø¥ø¥ƒ‹∑Ò ‰»Î÷–Œƒ

wonder if i can type in Chinese... testing testing...

started my exercise routine again. after so many months....signed up with amore. cos it's opened for ladies only. can't imagine exercising and showing my protruding tummy in front of men. There are so many different courses, ranging from low to hi aerobics, new body (shed off 5 kgs a year ago by going for new body class twice every week.), hiphop, kickboxing and of course Funk jazz. i did a jazz class yesterday. really like the class. nice music, nice movements. although i look like a robot (show the movements i learnt to my friend and he said i look so "STIFF"), i still enjoyed it. it makes me feel like coco lee. haha...going to try a hip hop class next week.

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