Saturday, January 16, 2010


Snowing in Scotland, Edinburgh was memorable and romantic. However, my first impression of Vienna snow was "ARRGHHH""! I took a bus to Westbanof (train station) and this is what i saw. Muddy dirty snow!!! Trust me, you won't want to sink your boots into this kind of snow, its disgusting. Dragging your luggage through it is not pleasant at all.

First nite in Vienna before making my way to Salzburg, i stayed in this 3 star hotel called Papageno. Receptionist is extremely helpful and you can enjoy 24 hours free coffee, tea and snacks in the lobby. There is this sweet herbal drink they made for guests and its supposed to keep you warm. Yes, its an old hotel judging from the stairs, old elevator and smelly carpets. Rooms were dark and the lights went off when i was washing my hair in such a cold weather. As there wasn't any heater available, its freezing cold as if you are standing outside the hotel!!! The pipes made strange eerie sounds (those in horror movie). And it was this particular night that i knew that wearing 3 layers of sweaters and socks will keep me warm (You don't need a man to keep you warm! haha!) and praying to Lord for peace will make me sleep better with no fears and worries!

Sigmund Freud museum! Psychology students studied him nearly every year! Cant escape from his psychoanalytic theory! Came to this museum twice not because it has a lot of exhibits but simply because i thought i wasn't opened on Christmas Eve! When i came on Christmas Day, the door was wide open! I asked the person in charge why it wasn't opened on eve and she (a male) said i didn't press the bell! Haha! Thats how sotong i am. Below is where Mr Freud sees his patients, the chair that he liked so much. A weirdo like him can only think and work sitting on it! The mirror is given by his sister Anna Freud. It was believed that he looked at his own reflection when he was extremely sick. oooh! thats sick....


In Vienna, you can still sit on horse carriages and pretend you are cinderella. All you have to do is to spend 80 euros which is close to S$160.


Anonymous said...


Heard fr the radio much earlier that you've seen multiple streak of rainbow (not reflection hor) at where? Im a rainbow freak leh..where can ic such rainbow?


Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei,

I love your pictures taken during your trip, I wonder what camera you used? have you ever taken any photo shoting classes?