Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today a listener called in......

She wants to know where i bought my CUTE chicken. Well, its 2000 i bought at Burger King. I think no toy shop is selling it cos Ginger not as famous as hello kitty. If you have and pretty new intend to sell, pls email me.

Meanwhile i found these Gingers selling in Ebay. But none look as cute as mine! kekek


Anonymous said...


Todae (thur) you mentioned bout wht chi medicine that has 25 packets that you hve been taking for health mtce & it shows result.
Can you recommend the sinseh?
Im lokin for a gd one too.


傻MUI said...

But you must have the patience to go back every week and also the discipline to drink the medicine no matter how bitter it taste. (really bitter la)

I'm trying to use TCM to resume my period too. Previously, my thyroid has caused my period to stop totally for more than half a year. Now since my thyroid is balanced for the time being, i have to take TCM to make it come naturally. So i'm still trying. With TCM its a LONG term thing thus, its definitely going to cost a bomb in the long term. But you gotta have patience.

My TCM doc from Raffles Medical TCM Grp

Tel: 6311 1222 (direct to TCM clinic)

Anonymous said...


How come your voice sound nasal-ish today? Are you alright? Not catching a flu now are you?

Take care ya!

傻MUI said...

My voice sound nasal becos of blood clot inside my nose after operation. haha! Suppose to go back for medical appt to "vacuum" the clots out but too busy this week. will do next week. Yes, when i blow my nose there is still bl...oo..d. Hope it will be all over soon!

Winston said...

Oh my..does it hurt when they vacuum? It sounds quite funny though...vacuuming the nose..hehe

Is it a long term issue? (i.e. need to keep going?) Or will it stop eventually?

Hope you will be back to full health soon too. Jiayou ya? :)

Elysia said...

Hi Yong Mei,

this is Elysia from Event company. Would like to invite you to host for one of our events. Can you please call me back at 92239681


傻MUI said...

I went for sinus operation and also to remove my cyst left nose. keke! Woman really made of water.

Its very normal to have "discharge" after operation for first month. Heard that in order to prevent infection, i must "rinse" my nose with sodium chloride for 3 mths!

"Vacuum" is just a term to simplify the process. But its not comfortable at all during the process. But after that, your headache is gone and i will sound much better. The wound takes months to totally heal, so meanwhile i just hope there is no more discharge. Sometimes when i talk on air, i really hope the washing basin is just beside me. keke!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei
I hope you can download today 972最爱帮帮忙.


Winston said...

It certainly sounds "fun"..but at least it's beneficial for long term. If woman was made of water, you would be a glass of fine champagne! :p

Isn't it terribly difficult to "rinse" your nose? and 3 months of doing that...goodness..I applaud your willpower.

Haha..I courier you one washing tub for your runny nose. But you sound much better today. Hope you have a speedy recovery for this.

Anonymous said...

qin lao niu chi hui tou cai le

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Can check with you how long will the Zheng Tan Xiao Shuo segment 10.45am be? 10 weeks or more? I notice a lot of guys like this segment, but for me, I am not really into detective series - my preference is still the Zui Ai Bang Bang Mang. My friends & I have benefited from this segment in one way or another. Pls ask your boss to agree to put this back asap lah, please... please... please & thanks a million.

Always Supporting You,
The Ho Team & Unlimited Members