Friday, May 29, 2009


1) 激光矫正手术(同时改善近视,闪光,老花视力问题)

The Lasik Surgery Clinic (Paragon)
6836 1000

2) 治疗口臭,咳嗽等问题的中医师:
6311 2388

3) 子宫颈癌医生
NUH Gynaecologic Oncology Consultant
DR Joseph Ng
6772 2255

4) Raffles Aesthetic
皮肤医生Dr Wong Soon Tee (Ecezema, 冷冻除油泡等美容治疗)
6311 1222

5) 星期二<健康头条>
张欣博士(全能公司顾问:6745 0321)

6) Dr Law Ngai Moh


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Can you list down the name aand contact no.of the chinese physician who appear on your Thursday programme 11am.(the one who talks about slimming).

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei ,

My son went for Lasik surgery (Paragon) end of last month and also told the doctor in charge that he is going
for his BMTC training at Pulau Tekong in 2 weeks time that means on 15 June 2009 and he says no problem , as long as he avoid all water activites .
Now my question is How come doctors don't know the rules that all NS man CANNOT Lasik their eyes before going enlistment for NS for such a short notice . (And also the NS Hotline fault because my son call them to check whether can lasik his eye because he will be going NS on 15 June , they says NO PROBLEM .) Now my son already done that lasik surgery and when call Mindef medical dept to change his medical history because last 3 months he put on glasses and now he don't need to wear any spec but was told that he has to postpone his Full time National Services for further notice and 3 months time than go Mindef medical for another eye check-up before he can enlisted to BMTC in Dec ....I know when we ask the doctor , they sure says NO problem but don't you doctor know the RULES !! My son only 19 yrs and very moody to wait another 6 months before going NS . Any comment abt this ???? :(

Alicia said...

may i know the doctor name and his clinic contact regards with the monopouse who appear on your programme on Monday around 10:30am.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...