Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rainbow Connection! (Thank you for sharing your joy with us!)

Lesie's photo is so professional!

Violet's contribution of her picture of rainbow in the car!

Moses saw rainbow in the car too!

Haithiam's picture of rainbow

Mr Lim took this photo from Jurong East Entertainment!

Victor 寄了两张彩虹照片。 因为反射,所以感觉彩虹上还有多一道彩虹。



qiuyan said...

i took some pic too and it nice to c rainbow so nice and big

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I also saw it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

If u want to see the rainbow photo u can visit my son blog
Please tag before u leave.

Best Wishes

Neo said...

Hi Yong Mei,

how to post the pics up

傻MUI said...

neo, just emailed me


gk said...

Although love and enjoyed yr programme.Noticed that u alway work 4hrs aday and still need to work on weekend? others 3hrs only? U must be tired, please keep fit and healthy. Happy always. jiayou

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei

how to put the picture in computer able to teach step by step

mrs leong

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,

what is the url for the adoption of animals??

from brittany.

傻MUI said...

Britanny: the blog for adopting dogs is:

Mrs Leong: You need to have a blog then you can put pictures in this website. To attach a picture, you just need a card reader to connect to computer. You should check with your camera dealer. Its really very easy. Not sure whether you want to post picture on blog or attach pic.

GK: Thanx for your concern. As full timer, we are obliged to do two to three weekend shifts. I'm taking my life much less stressful now. Rather finished jobs and study assignments way ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I wake up as a very unhappy person this morning as I can no longer listen to your radio station from the Internet!

I practically do all things with my PC these days and I don't have a FM radio at home for years already! How could MediaCorp Radio stop Internet streaming of radio stations? It's the Internet age!! Sigh!

DL (4 Mar 09)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

我是972的忠实听众,since from yesterday afternoon till now cannot use internet streaming to listen radio ? Is some problem with this ?

Anonymous said...

Thks for sharing the pics..u are rite, those who see it are indeed very blessed...simple things in life will bring us simple happiness!! :)

Sharon said...

Can help to find this stall which was previously located at the old Sembawang Shopping Centre. The stall sells barbeque fish, squids, claypot rice. The stall was gone due to renovation of the Shopping Centre.

The food is super delicious.

Anonymous said...

U not feeling well?? Pls take care!

傻MUI said...

Internet streaming has been cancelled due to copyright issues. Juz hope you all will get a radio with good reception and tune in to us.

(P/S: Listener said its not easy to find a radio with superb reception.)

I'm feeling okie, just started to take thyroid medicine.

eternal love said...

take care thyroid medicine eat must be careful dont overdose ,alot side effects one...did the doctor say when ur thyroid will go away?
lucky from the pictures ur throat not big lump ur mum home already will pray for both of ur recovery

anne said...

Hi Yongmei,

Did you take your thyroid medicine today? I saw you at the great radio game draw at bukit panjang, you look bright but still look tired, I think your thyroid is still not very stable yet, don't worry in a few month time it would be more stable but by then you have to depend on it to give you a less fatigue body.

Anyway take care especially when you have too much activite a day you might not be able to take the fatigue.


Pauline said...

Interesting how Basil improve luck. Our office very excited over it. Please advice.

I love the herbal flower tea..... will go try.

傻MUI said...

next week, bryan 老师coming to our prg "live". Next mon, 1115am!