Monday, January 19, 2009

I never promise you a rose garden...

Maple tree! no maple syrup lah! $120!

COSMO FLOWERS with 3 different colours, it brings vibrant colors to your life. A great alternative for Chinese new year plant. ($10)

Seden, 小雏菊!$2.50 一些人认为是野花,但我超爱!!!

LAVENDER !!!! You wonder how they survive in Singapore weather but they prove they can!!! Strange thing is there isn't any smell. $5

SINGLE PETAL JASMINE - according to my friend Jean, it is more fragrant! Saw the flower buds liao not yet bloom. Hope to smell Jasmine over the weekend.

YES! my corridor has officially turned into a mini garden.那天从Bah Soon Pah的花圃买多几盆植物回来的路程,德士司机说我的家一定很美。 哈哈!只有外面还可以!他说她老婆也喜欢种花,每次看到鲜花,他的心情也会好起来。我们聊到枫树是否定能在热带生长,他说"Be positive and they will sure grow!" 对啊!新的一年,我们对接下来这年有很多不确定但是积极看待,人生会更有希望。

My girlfriend, Jean recommended me to WORLD FARM at 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd, near Sembawang. And, i've only been there twice but I was always tempted to buy more. Their flowers and plants are more unique and has more varieties. Bring your family, kids and doggies along and its a really a good experience to get in touch with nature!

Please visit her blog and enjoy her mini balcony garden! Her maple tree leaves nicer and redder than mine!

Her blog is

BRING a mini garden TO YOUR LIFE , they might not bear you fruits or flowers but they will bring joy and happiness to you and your loved ones!



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Anonymous said...

yong mei, this maple tree like real? is'nt it?

傻MUI said...

maple tree is real! It looks "masak" at the first sight. But they only have 2 more.

Jasmine said...

Yes Maple leave tree i saw in korea Seoul before really very beautiful and yes its true in this country singapore the plant can survive past nov ,dec ,jan,feb by end march towards april it will fade off but as long as u keep the stem healthy ,later on it will grow back again

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L-5 said...

Yong Mei



3sg said...

how much did the single petal jasmine cost & is it easy to look after? may you stay cheerful & healhy.

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei,
i would like to ask u where can i find the post whereby hong lao shi say which vinegar is better i think cause i cannot find in any of the post.
mdm wong

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,
the purple flower plant is not lavander,leaves from lavander are similar to rose mary, this looks like thyme,you had just talked about it today, break the leave and smell it.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

Will Bryan Lao Shi be on air during your programme?

Can we get him to talk more abt Feng Shui on air?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Waiting to see your updated blog for February, pls. update ASAP!!!

How come no update on the buy/sell web???

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, yeah, pls update yr blog more.