Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to a kind soul....白燕老师!


hong Yan said...

A great happy birthday to Bryan Lao shi, and love all his workshops and talks. Is an wonderful teacher that FM972 has brought to us. His jovial character and charismatic behaviour charm our family members. My mom has back pain for many years, now she is so much better.

Happy birthday.

Pauline said...

WOW bryan laoshi so happynow in BKK studying and sharing his art with different country therapist. Salute him.

Wish him success and do us proud. Love the love show, but need to wait once a month.

Thank you Yong Mei for bring him to us.

With love pauline said...

Yong Mei ah,
you are also a very nice and beautiful lady.
I enjoyed all your programs. Your voice is very soothing and nice to listen.

You, Xiao ying and Bryan Lao Shi makes the live program very lively and enjoyable.

Bryan lao shi is a very young and capable teacher. I enjoyed all his beauty and health tips. After hearing his introduction on crystals, I am even more impressed by his knowledge.

I look forward to Bryan lao shi crystal class on 1 Nov. Happy Birthday to you, Bryan Lao Shi.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to dearest Bryan Lao Shi. Hope to hear more from you on radio. My mother loves your health recipes. She is very happy that she can finally attend your workshop because the one you are conducting on 31 Oct is in mandarin.

Yong mei, I like to see your cute pet mouse. It goes everywhere with you. It is so fortunate to have you. Yong mei, how did you maintain such good rosy skin? My mother always say this yong mei is very pretty.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bryan, Yan De Hua on 3rd Oct 2008.

Congratulation to u that yr Crystal Therapy Class on 1st Nov 2008 will be full hse this time.

Bryan, pls prepare extra Chakras bag n theory notes on 1st Nov 2008.

fm mingxiang

Anonymous said...

yong mei,

yesterday i miss how to make yogurt, kinldy write it your blog in chinese.


eileen tan

Anonymous said...

i cant imagine this will happen in sg entertainment industry

Anonymous said...

hi YongMei.. can u provide me with the contact of the facial guasha that you guys reccomended a couple of weeks ago? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei, gd morning.

I am karen tong. Can u provide us(Yong Mei's Fan) with the address n tel on yr blog of Chow lao Shi of zhong yi mei rong at yr Blog pls?

I have overheard yr interview with Chow Lao Shi of Kwa Sa Bang to be used on our face for gd bld circulation n reduced wrinkles lines on 9/10/08.

I have copied down the info of Dehyrated n Dull Skin bec i am very interested how to use Kwa Sa properly on my face n gathered theory note fm Chow Lao Shi to enrol myself for her Workshop/Seminar.

Thk u, Yong Mei for yr attention.

Yong Mei, pls give us a reply at yr Blog to benefit other pple/yr faithful fan as a beautiful woman in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Remember I wrote to u about yr trip to Yew Tee Pr Sch for the sudoku challenge, and that my daughter was too shy to approach u?
Guess what.... she actually got into the semi-final...goods news right.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yongmei, update more of yr blog ok?


Anonymous said...

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Thank You So Much.

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傻MUI said...

周梅茵老师没有blog. 她的电话是:

Midpoint Orchard #04-05
6737 3285

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei, gd morning.

Thk u for yr info of Chow Lao Shi
of Zhong Yi Mei Rong at yr Blog to me.

U r one of my fav Disc Jockey at Love 97.2FM.

fm karen tong