Thursday, September 11, 2008


如果你有兴趣参加洪老师在这个星期六办的课程,教大家怎么制作3道有机佳肴并品尝她的店里的精致有机美食,请到Nutrihub (OG Orchard后面的Cuppage Plaza,B2-25/26)

报名详情及收费请拨:6738 2746


L-5 said...

Yong Mei

Today is MoonCake Festival, wishing you :



Organic Fusion Cafe said...

For more info on Ms Ang and NutriHub, pls visit our blog


JennyFLora said...

Hi Yong Mei, you all mention before bryan Lao Shi will have a seminar in September organise by 972, all my colleagues are waiting. Why is there no news now? And we dont hear him on air anymore. We find that he is really good speaker and sincere. Please have more of him. Just to feedback my back pain has recovered so much after the ginger recipe. Thank you Yong Mei. I have also scan a picture of my acne problem which has recovered now using the 21 days acne reduction technique. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I heard from my mum that you help to promote books that need to be sell off. I have some encyclopedia need to be sold. Can I have you email so that I can email you the details? Thanks alot!


Anonymous said...

yong mei,

Can u repeat the ginger recipe for loss weight one.



Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

I have the same request as Ms Ng, could you put it in the blog, during that time when Bryan was talking the reception was interrupted, could not hear the full recipe.

Hope to hear from you soon

Thanking you in advance

Anonymous said...

Wow, our Bryan Lao Shi is so famous for his ginger receipes sharing with us at Love 97.2FM.

I will be meeting him for my 5 element execise on 20/9 n 27/9
fm 10am to 11.30am at Toa Payoh Safra Club.

Fm Sweety Baby

Anonymous said...

This song is Bryan Lao Shi fav song now.

Yeah, it is really a nice to hear for music therapy cum relaxation.

corine said...

Hi Yong Mei

Visit your blog is my daliy job,but this few day don't get to see new update,it make my day feel bored.haha......

Jia u and have a nice weekend

Organic Fusion Cafe said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Minor edit, our NutriHub blog is, instead of

Thank you.

ms ang

Mitchellfvmi said...

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