Friday, August 01, 2008

All things happen for a reason.

记得mc 逝世时,诗梅发简讯写了以上的这段文字给我.人与人的缘分很奇怪的.有缘的话,无论如何都有机会碰面,无缘的话就算碰面也是陌生人.这次Chan Brothers 的roving,碰巧遇到曾诗梅及老公唐育书,聊了生活.她也在UNISIM读夜校,但应该比我先毕业.我跟诗梅的缘分就是开始于一次的访问. 很开心看到他们两夫妇还是象度蜜月那么恩爱.


Anonymous said...

YM, do you know what's billy website?

Thank you.


傻MUI said... right?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, can't heard your voice anymore.My office not allowed to listen to radio ai...., used to listen during my journey now no more, anyway my contract going to end. Hope can find one that allow me to listen to radio. Let's pray.

Anonymous said...

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