Sunday, July 20, 2008

看到林宥嘉了, BRYAN老师的偶像!!!


tracy said...


你好! 我是昨天要拿花生衣的tracy, 謝謝你們的幫忙! 今天中午我已經順利拿到花生衣了, 也謝謝!那位老闆娘..她的人很好..還幫我的朋友大聽到要怎麼煮花生衣?


Fiona said...

Yeah hey, looks abit like bryan lao shi. But lao shi now very lean must eat more ok. Attended laoshi 5 element exercise class. SO SO FUN.

HuiLin said...

Lin You Jia is also my idol!

Haha, very confident and jovial.

Do support his new album!!!

Anonymous said...

yest i got listen Love 972
but keep delay
so excited to heard you and Bryan lao shi voice!
how lin you jia?he always let me feel he is a very blur person

wish u have a nice day ya


Anonymous said...

yong mei:
yong mei .last sat u wear the green dress so ugly,ugly people wear ugly dress.ha!ha!ha!

Nannz said...

Hi Yong Mei,

This is my first visit to your blog.
Pse adv how I can use chinese characters to blog.

Your blog on sun rise and sun set is very inspiring. It makes me feel as if I m on board too.


Pauline said...

Lao shi is so funny yesterday. I love the recipes. I wonder you can post on your blog.

I wonder he can touch on using Olive oil for health too. I have triedthe Zu San Li, would like to thank him for my bloated stomach has improved.

Anonymous above , God bless you. Your luck will be bad as you like to critcize people's dress and people. Dont belief, u can start feeling it already.

Anonymous said...


The 5 anonynous who mention Yongmei, ugly people wear ugly dress Plse be more well educated thought u may be joking but not every joke can be say so,as I believe maybe u should say the dress the dress doesnt suit her, I think this way, should be better right and I believe Yong mei is still consisted a beauty in many audience eyes !Hee Hee

kelvin law said...

May I know where is shen ang heading to after leaving the radio station?

Anonymous said...

sa sa
sasa,why i said yongmei u cannot.really what.ugly people wear ugly dress .then how