Monday, June 09, 2008



原来上海有分店,否则可以拜托同事买. 谁看得懂韩文,可以去官方网站www.ddungshop.com看原价是多少.本地的售价是$54左右.


Jenny said...

Are you really near 40, i thought you, bryan lao shi around same age should be near 27. Oh Gosh. This is unbelievable.

I love the korean one, but at the moment still a student may not afford. Will get full range when i start to work.

傻MUI said...

Come October, we will both turn 36. keke....But Bryan teacher turn 36 first. kekeke.....

They looking for distributor in singapore. wonder if singaporeans will be crazy over her just like hello kitty.

Henry Leong said...

Very cute. I saw some in Japan very skillfully made.

Ah Gal said...

I think bryan and Ah Mui, you both can be spokesman for beauty products. Because many of 36 looks very haggard.

The toy looks really ke ai. I may want to order one and put on my office table is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

The doll is so cute,think we can get here or will it be cheaper in Shanghai or Korea. Will get my friend to assist me to purchase.

anne said...





Anonymous said...

where to buy the doll in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

yong mei

so pity i, coz just changed the work, so can't hear 972 anymore, anyway i will always support u all.

from pity woman