Thursday, May 22, 2008


这个星期六,下午三点,下去义安城户外大广场(takashimaya civic plaza),标我捐出的Blythe娃娃。 她跟我同年,出世年份1972年。我在三年前购买。 衣服是我最近在香港娃娃衣服专卖店买的。 她的底价至少是$250.希望能为灾民筹得更高的善款。她的名字叫angelic。 希望你好好照顾她。刚刚看到ebay,她的售价是$149 美金!

More Blythe dolls!!! You would love to own one too! The one i'm auctioning is Sunday Very Best Blythe doll.


Dan Xiao Kui said...

Hi Yong Mu-mei,

I hv a suggestion - maybe the bakers instead of baking those yucky bloody human parts breads, they can bake those cutie sweet Blythe dolly breads.
I think la, maybe sales may boom and they can hv portion of their profit donate to the Sichuan earthquake victims.

Do u agree?

Luv n regards from :
Dan Xiao Kui

小叮当 said...



Anonymous said...

Hello Renee,

This doll is really pretty, just like the owner.

Too bad I dun hv money, otherwise I'll buy it n ask u to take care of her for me n I can go n visit her whenever I can.

It's really sweet of u to give her up for the sake of helping others. Three cheers for u!


Waimun & Jean said...

Woooow... her eyes are so special - can change colors to suit her mood :)


Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, will u go down on sat then and who r the hosts?


Anonymous said...

Yr dolls veri nice leh..

傻MUI said...

i might go down see see look look. cos me appearing shengsong's live tv programme as judge tomorrow nite. I think the charity auction host by 933 djs.

Duno if anyone would buy her back home. if at least can sell $250, i will be happy enough.

Her eyes can change 4 colours, orange, pink, green and blue!

Anonymous said...

i think the IQ ans is lice

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Your doll is so nice. You are so kind that u donate your favourite doll.
I hope your doll can bid a very high price.
All the best to u.


Anonymous said...

Anyone knows which 933djs hosting the event?