Wednesday, April 09, 2008


在金马仑的时候,靠近怡保那儿找到它.最近在Giant 那儿找到,真的兴奋不已!

每天早上闻到阵阵咖啡香就会想到以前在婆婆位于Seremban的家,在我们准备出发到火车站之前,就可以喝到香味扑鼻的咖啡. 虽然起得蛮早的,但是闻到咖啡味,我已经心满意足了.

美中不足的是在这里买的Old Town Coffee,没有在怡保那儿的香及浓.怡保的咖啡包可以冲泡两次,还是很浓.



Anonymous said...

hi ym,
dont drink so much coffee ya!
not good o~


Anonymous said...


請問你知道那裡可以找到兩只蝴蝶的cd ?did u know 原唱者是誰嗎? thank you


Anonymous said...

Thanks yong mei for the great coffee tips! I am going to get it for mummy and daddy! I am sure they will love it. My mummy is a great fan of old town coffee. but like what u said, what we have here is not as good as the ones in ipoh.
Oh ya, i caught Bryan lao shi live talkshow today. Fabulous! The live talkshow was so enjoyable.

Rong Rong

Patsy said...

Helloo yong mei!
i must say this afternoon live show with Bryan Lao Shi is definitely an enjoyable session for me and my colleagues! But one hour seems like 10 mins only!! and the hotline is so hot. I am so sad that i did not manage to get thro the line.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Patsy,Dear SiaoYin and Yong Mei, we find the programm very refreshing and the answers to the questions are very straight to the point.

I hope there is more live with bryan lao shi. Three of you really gel in very well.

And xiao yin very nice she can translate bryan's lao shi english to chinese, Yong mei helps to magnify bryan lao shi point. And bryan lao shi quick in answering questions.

Keep up the good work. This is what we want to listen more. Interactive rather than too much information sharing sometimes.

Emily_er ( JTC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Wow yesterday live talk
with Bryan Lao Shi is so refreshing. I strongly feel that live talk is so much better. It made the programe more lively. I hope you can do more live talk with Bryan Lao Shi in future.

Lay Khim

Anonymous said...

Hi ym, i really prefer to hear more of bryan lao shi live on air, is not so "dead".

Please invite him to do more.

We looking forward.

josephine Yap

Anonymous said...

hi ym,
謝謝你們今早我聽到碧玉和建彬他們說了我會去找找看 thank you very much


Wong Sook Lee said...
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