Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And now, the "real Wallace" 圣安带来自己的创作“代替品”

别忘了,今晚 (星期三) 傍晚六点在jurong east stadium分发marigold 超大礼包。 里头有许多goodies. 非常值得哦。 象我昨天跟圣安开玩笑说是不是担心是又土安分,没人来拿所以才给那么多产品。(有史以来最多的一次。)


Natasha said...

hi Yong Mei,
I could not find the link to "Love helping hands" in your blog.
Pls advise the link.


Anonymous said...

i still gt 2 more paper to go~
after my exam thn wil turn u lo!
u must gam ba teh n work hard v ur exam ya!
u like coffee rite?
if u free ,go have a drink at my sister's fren cafe(alcova or alcava) at Raffles republic thr
errrm bside california fitness
u ask bryan lao shi to go together v u la
i think he knw the place
i gt told v him b4
all the best n have a nice day ya
sheng an song nt bad!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,y dont hv photos of shan you charity trip?


Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,

your picture in white and red striped dress is gorgeous. very "nu ren" very sweet. where did you buy it from?


傻MUI said...

red white strip dress from WAREHOUSE. and i've photos of shanyou trips and bryan's talk etc. but no time to upload on web. will do it 2moro (sun 2pm) during my shift.

sorry about that. last thu juz finished one exam project and now preparing for 13th May exam. Social Psychology. Finally got one full day to do revision. busy preparing exam notes now. dun feel like stepping out of house.

If you are having exams too! pls reward yourself with icecream, okie? Studying is tough, but lots of people are working and studying at the same time.

Looking 4ward to next semester where i'll do abnormal psychology dealing with all the disorders, positive psychology and creative psychology. 3 tough Level 4 subjects but interesting subjects!

Anonymous said...

Yongmei,where r yr pics?

Nicole Hah said...


好久没来你这里留言咯!呵呵~~~ 最近好吗?


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I want to sell thing, but I can not get through your phone line, can I fax to you. Pls give me your fax number.

Rileyqppo said...

Yongmei,where r yr pics?