Sunday, March 02, 2008


Angela's babies whom she I hug to bed every night. Her parents & relatives keep saying that she is too old for all these. But she simply cant resist them. She loves the blue rabbit especially. Very special. Got flower on her face. Each & every softtoy has got their special own names.

(P.S: What are their names, in terms of personality (since kids have personality, toys too! haha!) AWARD, THE AWARD GOES TO THE PIG WITH PINK TATOO!)

我们一直以为喜欢宝贝玩具的人肯定是长不大,其实,我们的想法是单纯的,念旧的,可爱的。我们的心中都住着一个(或多个)小孩。苏心荃心理医生说他们是 我们的 transitional objects. 有些人的transitional objects 是孩子的照片,甚至是手机(有事没事会开启手机)。

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Angela Goh said...

Hi Yongmei,

Thanks for posting the pics to ur blog. Showed it to my parents... they were laughing. Ha. So happy. The pig is very nice. She has got two nostrils which you can really put oen finger in each hole.
My babies... they have names, gender & characters... Some are married. carzy over this. Hee...Cheers!!!