Wednesday, March 12, 2008

金马仑印象(3) 好一棵美丽的仙人掌!


Anonymous said...

I have a short sexy dress which I use
to wear with black leggy (tight).
Do you think it is ok to wear leggy for wedding dinner?

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei,
i want to ask if the ginseng chicken is put up yet?
thanks jean

xiiaopiing said...

hi yongmei,

i want to ask if i want to study dip in psychology, which private sch would recommend or u think is better??

can i also know which private sch are you in too.


from: xiiaopiing

Anonymous said...



anne said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Heard that you catch a cold .......
hope you ok now. Must be very serious isn't it.

Have to drink more water for now warm water is the best and ginger tea could help too if don't like too strong ginger smell can try red date tea+ 1 sliced for raining day.

Hope you will get well soon. Glad to hear your voice every day.


Henry Leong said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Wow interesting shots!

Anonymous said...


你好,我是97.2的听众。请你帮我问碧玉姐,新年前参加“理财有方”节目所得的$50 “红包”,什么时候才可以领到,请在你的blog上留言。

Ang Liang Tee
IC: xxx6147

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mai,
I would like to reserve 2 seat for all 3-talk. Please help to advice on whether it is possible

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i'm not very good at use blog, forget to give you me contact
Lee Lee
HP : 9247 9472

L-5 said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Enjoy ur trip to HK. Eat more Wan Ton Mee on my behalf. Thank u.


傻MUI said...

depending on whats the color of your dress. If you wear black leggings should be quite safe lah. Remember to wear high heels, then you look formal for wedding dinner.

Ginseng chicken recipe at

Xiaoping, if you want to study psychology for personal interest, any school is good, but if you want it to be recognised degree to be apply for jobs in government bodies, you can consider UNISIM, which is SIM University. But you have to take BSc in Psychology four year course in order to get a recognised degree. Anyway in SIM, you can take business degree with Psychology as minor too. There is diploma in counselling but i haven't heard of Diploma in Psychology.

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei & xiaoying
i wan to ask what is zhong he vitamins cause i would like to buy but do not noe what is it.

xiiaopiing said...

hi yongmei,

what private sch are you in??
u study de is wad kind??
yupz, looking for psychology in counselling. haha!!!

u now taking de is degree??
i am an higher nitec accounting leaver, can i take degree or have to take dip before the curse u mentioned??
can tell me wad other psychology course?