Wednesday, February 13, 2008



其中一位朋友今年搬了新家,有落地窗,有balcony,有我最爱的油木地板及她的小花园(种了不同品种的蕃茄还有香草.)连茶杯都是女主人在德国买的.很country style, very me.

我带了home favourites的绿茶及hay bee hiam饼干去,还特地做了淡淡(也就是她们所谓的不甜)的桂花jelly.


Anonymous said...

how u bring the 3 out huh? in yr big bag? can tell me how cum chicken is yr favorite? not yr year right? any story behind...

Anonymous said...

Hi can you tell me how to make Gui Hua jelly. Thanks

傻MUI said...

3 of them lie in my bag. Bringing them out is easy juz that REMY makes noise when he is "touched", so quite embarrassing on trains when he suddenly shout out "Arrggh.." or "Bon Appetit".

Look at my reply on Chiken's Christmas costumes for how to make guihua jelly.

Chiken is my favourite becos she has personality or "chickenality". She was born in Burger King. I like her character in ChickenRun.