Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the Oscar goes to.....

Remy of Ratatouille!
Below is REMY's speech:

I wud like to thank my fans, my creator (4got his name), my buddies (white, black or brown rats and other rat look alikes and those born in the Year of RAT!) and last but not least my new found mummy who adopted me so that i can enjoy aircon every nite.

Why have garbage when you can have REAL FOOD?
Why settle for boring Transformers when you can have the REAL FUNNY movie "RATATOUILLE"?
This is the Year of the Rat and i'm happy to do Rats family proud!
Hope there will be RATATOUILLE II and meanwhile BON APETITE!


Anonymous said...

this is so cute! oscar is remy's pet toy ar?
Do you have a "build-a-bear" teddy?


小叮当 said...


傻MUI said...

Nope, dun have build a bear. OSCAR(The grouch from Sesame's Street) is a gift to Remy since the award is given to the director INSTEAD OF him!