Friday, January 25, 2008


These should taste BETTER than DONUTS! So thick and so FULL! Check out their stall at Taka Basement CNY Fair! The store beside it sells expensive but wide variety of CNY Cookies! eg. Rose tea, Japanese, champagne, hei bee hiam and i think more than 20 varieties. You can try for yourself. Its home's Favourite


Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,
what is yr email address? i would like to show u something...

norbamboo said...

Hi Yong Mei, it's so surprised to reach to ur blog address in casually. Once coming into it, I am already infatuated with it to enjoy ur letter. I believe I will go to here frequently to share ur life,ur heart, ur voice......

傻MUI said... is my personal email.

thanx norbamboo (wat a name)! My blog is a record of a piece of my life. Memories which might be lost will be found here.

stephygarfield said...

Dear Yongmei!
I tasted these tarts at Taka too!
Simple delicious lor! yum yum yummy!


Anonymous said...

yong mei,
can you please stated in your blog
for the brand of the product (if can with the price) that the make-up artist recommend?? Thank you.

norbamboo said...

Hi Yongmei,

Haha, norbamboo is my nickname in my blog.

The same as u, my blog also is the record of my pass life and rouse the memories from there. If possible, pls feel free to reach my blog in ur free time. Thx.

Anonymous said...

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belle said...

hi, yong mei,

so good to see ur blog!

i m from Malaysia, this is my 1st time viewing ur blog, it surprised me, lots of interesting yet useful info, i love it!

would like to share ur happiness in the future!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I bought a bottle of Rice Bran Oil for $3.50/ltr from NTUC. I think is NTUC brand.


Mrs Lim

Fann fan said...

hello Yongmei =)
could u take a photo with Fann Wong at Gala movie event today?

cathy said...

Hi Yong Mei, can i have address for Mr Byran shop

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

Bryan doesn't has a shop. Perhaps you would like to visit his website to find out more of his products and advice. As for order, you could send via email to He will arrange to post the items and you will then fund transfer to his POSB account after you receive the items.