Friday, November 16, 2007

Its exam time, sigh.....

and i'm still busy with work and EAT! haha!

Yup, me going Uhome at Paya Lebar 2moro at 1pm then off to Asia Pacific Food Expo at 5pm. Next Mon 6pm, i'll be back at food expo, Singapore expo hall 5 to host an award presentation for 22 students who took part in the local food packaging design award! (SEE SOME OF THEIR PRODUCT DESIGN)

ok, back to food...台湾贡丸and a Japanese Donut stall which sells DONUTs with ingredients!! A MUZ TRY!!! I was eating the pink top layer one and when i bite it, its.....simply....delicious! got strawberry jam inside!!! The other one has custard!!! both my favourite! Its time to eat and work and study...

Meanwhile, if you are interested to come for our Golden Mike Awards Presentation, tickets is at $28! Can see 品冠and all DJs from Mediacorp. You can call 6359 7360 to book tickets. Tickets selling FAST! its next next Fri (30/11, if i'm not wrong) at 7.30pm at SUNTEC BALLROOM! Duno if i will be given a chance to get any award but i hope to hear your cheers when i walk down the aisle! (even if only 2 of you..hee hee)

My dress is very vintage and long and i really scared i will trip and fall! be there to see how i walk!

P/S: i updated my HK Artistes Wax Museum pictures at 528 blog. sigh.. so blur!


Anonymous said...

Hi YM,

Your content and your title not tally lei!

Tot will read about your exam thing.

Could you update more often like last time?


Anonymous said...

Hi YM, saw u at spore expo tat day and u looks pretty. can u help me n suggest any beauty salon for me to do my eye brown. price not more than $200 one.Tks

Anonymous said...

Hi YM, can help n suggest any beauty salon to wen my eye brown.price more than $200 one. thks

Anonymous said...

YM i find the things bryan lao shi introduce are very effective espeically the drinks.

I love to listen to his small portion. Hope u can have him more often.

Went to his blog and found out that he has so many supporters.


L-5 said...

Hi 傻MUI,

The photos of Asia Pacific Food Expo 2007 Roadshow is ready, pls visit :