Sunday, November 25, 2007

HongKong Wax Museum exhibits!

My favourite top 8!

Whats yours?

(HOW TO GO: Take MTR to 中环, there are signboards everywhere to tell you where to take the PEAK TRAIN. Skip the long queue and go straight to counter which sells both to and fro train tickets and wax museum tix! and...bring a friend along, can help you take picture!)


sallyneo said...

Hi i am so so so shocked when i watch SCV taipei programm there is one person look like bryan lao shi is really alike. And many of my friends says
is 林宥嘉, dont belief u go and see the tv one. ahahahah

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei

972 every sat have 2hrs of topic songs at 10am - 12pm, could you help pass message to He zi gan ask him play drama songs on sat 10am - 12pm pls?
now celebrate drama 25th anniversary right?


CCL said...

yo yongmei!
you got the best female dj of 972 at organize de 2007广播大赏!!