Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yes...i'm turning 35 this saturday.

And....i'm still rushing my tutorials. haha...

Chiken's goddaddy, aka Kevin said, "how come you don't have friends in all parts of the worlds?" Well, i'm quite choosy in my choice of friends. Those who become friends will defintely have a long lasting relationship with me. Those who don't, will never become one.

I need to get things out of my way before i really have the mood for celebration.

BUT....男生女生的这组朋友的邀请实在是盛情难却!所以虽然课业压力大得我连电视节目也牺牲掉,我还是赴约了。谢谢deon, eugene, august, kelvin给我的生日祝福。

最近一位好友在35岁时失恋了。 他说,都已经35岁了还要经过这种失恋的伤感, 还会找到更好的吗?当你爱一个人的时候,你就已经给对方机会去伤害你。 但是,我们还是要爱,那怕是错,那怕是知道会受伤, 对吗? 我们都在爱中学习。

35岁是想安定下来,希望生活不会有太多未知,太多不稳定的年龄。但是,人生的剧本虽然由我们撰写,结局却由不得我们去控制。就象跟我合作的男dj, 每次一开始有默契了之后,他们就要离开。 我当然难过啊, 但是人生就是这样,很多事身不由己。 所以,把每一天活得象最后一天是我目前唯一能控制的事。

如果你问我,如果现在老天要带走我, 我会有遗憾吗? 当然啦!我正在计划我的网上卖复古衣服的小生意,我要认真学做糕点, 我要年完我的心理学课程, 我要对我妈和外婆更好一点, 我要继续去爱人和被爱,我要到香格里拉的 亚丁走一趟,我要更快乐一点!




Kevin said...

Hey Chickenmama,
It's our pleasure to be able to celebrate & send our blessings to you for your early birthday celebration. :)

的确,人生就是这样,很多事情身不由己。 所以,每一天要过得活得象你形容的如最后一天比较妥当。Anyway, I always love this statement “生命没Take2,请小心演绎。”

祝愿你的网上卖复古衣服的小生意成功!记得如想要到香格里拉的亚丁通知我哦,我当导游!12中月我又会回到那儿,被羡慕哦。。 哈哈!

Kevin (",)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you
May all your wishes
still happy and healthy

DJ Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Mummy..
with lots of love

Chiken's God Daddy...

Nicole Hah said...

Happy Birthday to 傻MUI.

Anonymous said...

pgmeavDin know n r 35 oredi, i tot u r 31 or 2. Anyway Hapi birdday to u. Shdn't b u planning 4 a baby? Hihihi

小叮噹 said...

35嵗的失戀..... 運氣。

女人一生最大的賭注..... 婚姻。

gracetan said...

hello.Birthday to you.Heard today about Tofu Cheesecake .Something new to me.
Can publish the receips in yr blog?
I am one of the cheese lover.
Hope to hv it as well.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei

Happy Birthday to you!!
May all your wishes & resolutions come true!!!
After reading tis reminds me of myself, I also got this and that to do.... but always end up in my every yr's resolution (nvr do). Dono is there a surgery for permanently removal of laziness. hehe....


Anonymous said...

Yong mei,

May i know which are the two 男生女生配 in a relationship now?


Anonymous said...

happy birthday !

Jo Ann said...

Hi Yong Mei
Happy birthday to you.

tracy said...

hai, Chickenmama

h@ppy belated birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yong Mei,

Happy Birthday to you !♪♪♪♫♪x 3 Wish you pass your exam, have bright future and lot of lot of boyfriends hee...... Oop! almost forget, your beauty.

Judy Tan

Anonymous said...

H! Yong mei

Kevin didn't give you a treat ? Where is he now? Miss him very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi happy bday to you (:
Anyways what is the email add for the buying and selling programme on your show? I heard you talk about it over the radio just now. Can I have the number to call too? Thank you (:


L-5 said...

Hi 傻MUI,

(Pls sing to the Happy Birthday's Song tune)

Happy Birthday to u,
u are born in the zoo,
there are tigers and lions,
u are like a ........monkey.

Thank u for singing.


Fattyben said...

Life is simple when u work for what u want it sure give u... but it take times....
for your 35嵗失戀的朋友 "when u can't get what u want now, u will get a better 1 soon"
be fairth to yourself and never give up

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Yong Mei

Happy Birthday to u..... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

May every joy and happiness and blessing come your way
Not just on this special day, but always ~ everyday


Anonymous said...

Dear Yong Mei,

Happy Birthday to you!

Many happy returns

Shan said...

Time flies i just passed my chinese 29th birthday english 28th..
and u are 35 le .. those days when i first know u , u were of my age haha .. we all grow together ..hope u have a very healthy new path in ur life and be able to love some one and receive love at the same time .. have baby or not nevermind most important is to live everyday with a bright heart !

Happy Birthday Chickenmama

Anonymous said...

詠梅 :



Phoenix said...

Yong Mei 傻MUI,
Happy Birthday!

CCL said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yongmei,

Happy Birthday to you.

: ))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!
how come dejiang go 88.3????