Monday, October 29, 2007

This is what i eat over the weekend of bday celebration.

with friends and family lah.....

and surprisingly, when i go Jacelyn's health club and take my weight measurement, i am even lighter 50.8! 2kgs more and i'll be PERFECT! 但是我的血液测试看得出糖份都还没彻底分解,所以要去做运动了.

秀珍验血之后告诉我,我的身体越来越好,红血球越走越快,有能力分解脂肪,很快就不用他们的服务了. sob sob....那么快就不能见到秀珍了.哈哈!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Im your secret supported. Just to check your BD dinner look very good to eat. How much you pay? and where to eat?


傻MUI said...

Its from 同乐经典signature at Vivocity, near OSIM outlet. er...its a treat, its $88++ per set. its nice to eat but i was so full that day already!

Oh yah, saw Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong that day when we ate there!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thnks for the info i will try this weekend.

Btw, why chicken godfather pull out his blog???