Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is my ideal way of spending my weekends and mornings!

sigh...but i've been quite busy with rushing my two final tutorials before the exams so that i can have a peace of mind when i'm watching Eason Chan's concert in Hongkong.

My childhood 2nd tutorial results are out and i FAILED! this is Tutor said i should have used materials from textbooks. I wanna impressed and so I went to library to research. Very time consuming and i failed it. Okie muz remember not to 假厉害。

Tutorial consists of 50% of exam marks. In order to pass in exams, i must get good marks in my tutorial. So, life continues to be stressful for me. Will reward myself by going to see a Chinese medical doctor again! sigh...woman 啊 woman.


Anonymous said...

YM, you really very very stressful right? How you cope dj job already very strrssful n a lot of preparation n brainstorming right?

When i feel stressful, i will feel very very very moody, bad mood n worried!! U lei?

Happy 35th Birthday to U!

Carolyn said...

hi YM
I understand the disappointment of the result tat u got. It is over .. so just move on and get a better result in the exam. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

so sad to hear of that. try again, one a teacher told me 不怕慢, 子怕站.

Casper said...

Hi YM,

Don't give up. You can do it.

Don't over stress yourselves.

Happy Birthday.


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