Tuesday, September 11, 2007


我的照相机在拍完这组照片后就“挂了“ 。今天才送去维修。 所以这是我仅有的照片。 ENJOY!
我会在周末开始“我型我秀“的部落格。 今后,所有美容课题都只在那里。 记得支持哦!


Nicole Hah said...

hi yong mei,



XueLi said...

咏梅,你的小鸡很好命哦,可以跟你以及其他的DJs 一起去Batam,他们一定很开心咯!希望下次有机会我也可以跟你们一起去,一定很好玩!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

I hv a mini water fountain at our balcony, pls be kind enough to advise me what is the email address as we do not a fax machine and is difficult to get thru the line.

Pls response soonest, u can also reach me at ednakk_2003@hotmail.com.

Thks KK

Henry Leong said...

This trip any Batam kelong?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

May I know what is the blog address for the "我型我秀".


Kat said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Ever since you're on afternoon shift, I dun really get the chance to hear you on air. But I hope you're doing well... 加油哦!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong mei, i am new listener. I love your wo xin wo show.... Is very informative. Especially the foodcure with bryan lao shi my friend told me before, i tune to morning than i know you have switch to evening.

Can you tell me what is bryan lao shi blog address.

Also can share with us, how to prevent dry palm. My skin is ok but palm is veyr dry.

Thank you so much, hmm you look very sweet.

Shirley ang

Nicole Hah said...