Monday, August 06, 2007


阿武,戚玉武的blog是: (我觉得他的文笔很好,我也告诉他他需要增添更多照片。他挺在意所有上去

权怡凤的blog: (原来网址那么简单,害我找了老半天,上去看看权大妈的日记吧!〕



Anonymous said...

hi yongmei , so long didnt contact ,i m tony from tian di hui.. how are you?

do u noe we just open a music studio,hopefully we can make another rock festival one day..take care..and you may get my contact from bryan.


Sonikbyte said...

ahhh why showcase the star bloggy only>? They pay u izzit lol :P

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei,

Need your help to advise the singer and song title of this chinese song. Some lyrics of the song " Wo bu shi xin gan qin yuan de he xia zhe bei jiu..... ".

If you aren't sure can u help to ask jian bin. I have asked Zigan but he is not sure. My husband like it and I intend to get him the CD as a surprise present.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Need your help to advise the singer and song title of this chinese song. "Wo bu shi xin gan qin yuan de he xia zhe bei jiu ........."

If you are not sure, pls help to ask Jian Bin. I have asked Zigan but he not sure lei.

My husband like it & I intend to buy him the CD as surprise present.

Thanks a lot

cindy yap said...

Halo Yong Mei

I cannot find the blog to sell 2nd hand goods. Can I post it here. My daughter has a 1/4 size violin which used about a year. The original cost was about $170-180 but we are looking for buyer who want to own it at $88. If any of the parents want to send their little kid to learn violin. Its a good buy to them as theres no point to pay high price for new one as when the kids grow, they need to change the size according to their body size. Anyone interested, can write to me at with their name and contact. I can even send a digi pic of the violin for their consideration. Tku.

L-5 said...


祝你国庆日快乐。 :)


rrainboww-89 said...

hellos yong mei.
do you know huang jun xiong's blog?
If you know his blog, can you post it on your blog?
Pretty pretty please?
im a big fan of his. =)

叶咏梅 said...

checked with 碧玉, 是杨丽珍演唱的"陪酒"(刘家昌的创作)

黄俊雄没有blog,我问过他了.他说他是IT白痴,只用email. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei,

Thanks for advising the singer and song title.

Pls help me to thank Biyu as well.


Anonymous said...