Thursday, July 05, 2007


当天, 我到食品工会分发我的杂志时,看到已经完成的两组广告! 我觉得这张广告好象贤妻良母.哈哈!


jw said...

Yong Mei,

Wow... pretty tai-tai, may I noe can u cook?

Wendy Nai said...

Hello 梅子..
这张照片真的显得你很"贤妻良母" feel.. 是漂亮的贤妻良母...


Oink Oink said...

Hi Yongmei,

The photo really don't look very much like u, I won't know it's u if u din tell us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i agree you look like a full-time housewife. But, its a pretty one! :)


叶咏梅 said...

jw, i can cook but no one appreciates my cooking. with a pro cook at home, who needs to cook? haha!

oink, HALO, it looks like me lah. the mag photo might look very different but this one, makeup, hairdo simple mah.