Monday, July 23, 2007


从左边开始介绍,分别是middle bird, chiken (我的小鸡),mini bird (she is resting on top of chiken), big bird and small bird....

and i juz found that that BIG BIRD是男的.


lc said...

Hi Yongmei

Wow, your home is really “热闹” 哦!

Whereas, mine is a mixture of various animals that belongs to my daughter since 1993.

I will try to download their photos to your email for your viewing pleasure.

lc said...

Oh, Yongmei,

I can't find your email address fr your former blog.

Is it ""?

Sorry, if anyone familiar with it can help me so that Renee don't have to reply to me.

My sincere apologies and appreciation to all assistance rendered.

Nicole Hah said...


janelle said...

oh, the soft toys are really cute! i've gotten used to soft toys now; my daughter has so many of them, given by her aunt and uncles! she calls them her "babies"!

Anyway, YM, i like listening to ur programme, 5 to 8. very interesting! :)

Nicole Hah said...

hi IC,