Monday, July 16, 2007


在庆功宴上,我们的嘴巴忙着吃,手则忙着看到艺人就拍照。 我发觉被点名拍照的艺人前三位是:


我是说在庆功宴上。 没看到佼佼和怡凤。



Anonymous said...

wOW!i like Lee Ming Shun Leh!So handsome!

Ginger said...

Hi Yon Mei,
What's YiFong Blog? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi YM, can i hv Huang Zi Jiao's blog address oso. Thanx.

Jo Ann said...

You look so beautiful in the blue dress. Where did you buy it ?

Anonymous said...


why din you take a picture with fann wong too?

her hairstyle last night was v young and beautiful.

lee ming shun quite popular, top 3 artiste whom ppl want to take pic with..

michelle chia smile is very nice too

Joanne said...

Hi Yong mei,

请问" 让爱动起来" 这首歌可以在那里找到呢? 超好听, 超棒, 超感动的!!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I happened to see Constance Song's grey mesh dress on the Cleo mag July edition. Looks nice!

._. said...


first time visiting your blog.
i like your programme with de jiang. the way you treat each other i damn funny!!(:


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

thanks for sharing all the nice photos, you are fast in posting.
wow, all the artists so pretty & handsome & slim.

Yong Mei also looks good on tv & photo. Just 1 thing to take note, your standing posture need to improve ya.

The red blouse is sexy & low cut, but you have the figure to carry it quite well.

I also don't like the white base red flower blouse, not to say it's not appropriate for the event, it also makes u look plump & auntie looking. hahaha (sorry for the frankness)


Anonymous said...

i miss MC king and your programme, and also Bryan lao shi talk.

My mom's back has improved because of ur health programme.

si lin

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei,

Yeah, your standing posture a big problem. Be more careful in future.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 6.16pm, can u tell me what page is Constance Song's dress on, like to take a look. Thanx. The blue dress looked like u r pregnant lor, not very nice.

Anonymous said...

Yongmei, can tell who the 2 guys besides u on the 3rd photo?

Henry Leong said...

Nice show!

Nicole Hah said...


Anonymous said...

HI! Yong Mei

You look beautiful! You can be an actress 1 day. Thanks for the great photo , tell MC not only he can do it. Yong Mei also can do it. Very up-to-date blog leh. I become addicited to your blog and MC blog. Is a must to go to both blog everyday. Hee......

I going to miss U & MC cause going Krabi (PHUKET) when Billy is on leave. Must find someone to record for me. Ha....

Judy Tan

叶咏梅 said...

Blue dress arranged by mediacorp wardrobe as well, i saw the brand it's BYSI. They've got cheap and nice dresses.

Blue dress is baby doll type of dress, unless you really skinny, otherwise you will look pregnant, i'm used to it already. The bright blue makes it look outstanding amongst others. and i can still eat! haha!

thanx for reminding my standing posture. "O" legs right? thought of not putting the photo one. hee hee. nevermind. Yup! the red flower blouse is ugly and auntie, but as i said, no choice, you have to wear what is given.

constance song's dress muz be branded one.