Monday, June 11, 2007

最爱blog一blog - LATEST!!! UPDATED 16/4

1) 何润东





6) 梁静茹

7) 梁志强

8) 胡茵梦

9) 许茹芸

10) BRYAN老师blog (sigh....mentioned N no. of times liao)

11) MC KING BLOG (also mentioned N no. of times)


小叮当 said...


你可以再点击他的"friends“ list,里头有其他艺人如胡瓜,赖雅妍,毛毛(她的女友)的部落格。

同样的,你可以从其他艺人的部落格里点击他们各自的"friends“ list,阅读更多艺人的部落格。

Anonymous said...

what is MC king's blog ?
Can say on air slowly so i have time to get my pen and paper?

Anonymous said...

MC's Blog


Nicole Hah said...

hi anonymous at 2.25pm,

you can click on blue mc name or key in the address

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

once u enter mc's blog, u can add mc's blog or others your favourite blog to your favourite function key(star logo)shown on the top left of your computer, so everytime u wan to open the blog ,just click on it.

Anonymous said...

Can i have Zhen Shimei - Actress blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Can i have the Mediacorp Actress that going to get married soon her blog...?On tue (12/6) she is on air with u and MC....her name is Zhen Shimei....

Anonymous said...

Hi YM, read in newspaper yesterday that she's going to marry Tang Yi Shu. The compatible pair, wish them happy always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Can help me???
I also havea blog, dun know whether can hellp me introduce.
My blog :

Thank You
Best Regards
From :Robin Teo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Kristy Yang blog.

In my opinion, she and Michelle reis is the most beautiful hk actress/model.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kristy Yang n Michelle Reis n what's their chinese name? Not quite know Hong Kong actress, thks.