Wednesday, June 27, 2007



bryan老师,这花是送给你的。你让tan, jtc singapore多年的腰背酸痛的问题获得改善!他非常感激你哦!

这几天都有很多人询问在那里可以买到香精油。其实许多商店有的卖,但是,有些香精油不是纯正的,可能只有香味,没有功效。自从认识bryan之后,我的香精油都是从那儿“拿”的。 至于哪些商店卖纯正香精油, 真的不少,但不方便说。 听说, 下个星期,老师特地为上次错过讲座的人办了个免费讲座, 可以容纳 120人。不想错过就赶快到: 报名了!

感谢bryan和mc。最近972收听率提升,成为第二个最受欢迎的中文台,虽然还不知道个别时段是升或跌,还是要感谢他们为最爱掌门人的莫大贡献! thank you friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi YM, MC and Bryan Lao Shi,

I love the workshop that day and is so fun. In fact i think many people listen to 972 whenever i go at Hougang Mall and market everyone tune to u, even i take taxi many times is 972. They like ur voice Yong Mei. I belief is your section has highest rate trust my sense ahahha.

Oh my sinus has improved using Bryan lao shi technique.

I work at caltex house, i saw u visiting the 2nd hand shop on bag before ahahhaha

Carol Shing

Anonymous said...


So disappointed with all the changes when i started to listen to this station for the past 1.5 month without fail because i really love the combination of YM and MC. Just because someone is back, everyone have to change their time slot, what a pity. I think i will go back to other station again.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yongmei,
Time's Wed already.And it's only 2 more days left before changing slots.
Really sad about this but,life still got to go on...
I will like to take this opportunity to thank you and MC da ge for injecting joy and laughter in our life every morning!
Will definately miss u all on air in the morning from next week onwards...='(
Nevertheless,wish u guys all the best..and chikenmama,I will support you and tune in to 5-8pm from next week onwards..=)
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

yong mei,thank you for your lovely & very very very attractive voice,all these days i never leave the radio from 10 to 2pm,and always lunch in & postpone all my golf game to after 2pm just because of you,your departure in this period will mean a big change to my personal timming again.But wherever slot time you will posted to i will always glue my ears to your lovly voice,sincely thank you for your contribution to everyone of us on the other side of radio.
dong dong

Anonymous said...

Dear YM, MC
i will miss you all, sigh nothing can express how i feel now.

Oh i have successfully registered Bryan lao shi workshop. So happy will be going down with my mom.

YM and MC i wish you all the best and also forever fun ok.

Irene Yip

Anonymous said...

Wow nice flowers. This means you all are great success ah. And why got the chicken one ahahhahahaha.

Again wish Bryan lao shi free workshop can benefits more people

Michelle said...

Hi YM,

So disspaointed to hear the change of the time slot n becos of one person then 3 person hv to change to suit him. But all this is beyond wat we can control so wat we can do is only to fine tune our timing again to listen to u at 4-8pm. But too bad that MC is not in the programme.

Jia You to u & MC ! Wherever u r just remember we will always love u all so much !


Anonymous said...

Y M, juz notice tat u guys will mbe xchging shift next wk, feel so sad, perhaps i been use to ur shift 10 to 2pm le leh, how i gonna to spend fm next week onwards....


Anonymous said... too.. may be consider to change channel if the program not so attractive. i got attrac by yong mei laughter then i listen to 972 .. may be i would listen to her and fen ying only when she on air then change channel. hahahaaahaha

Kat said...

MC King,

I'll miss you, especially your laughter... Take care & all the best in your future endeavours!

margaret said...

Hi Yong Mei

Have gone to MC's blog to watch some of the video clips, kind of enjoy them. I enjoyed listening to your segment with Bryan sharing the health tips, it's very enriching, although I didn't actually try using the remedies yet but have kept the reference notes in case need to use them in future. It's very enriching and I like Bryan's presentation.

Henry Leong said...

Min lun hope to stay at the sea to watch the beautiful sunrise, sunset and the moon, also can receives more tv and radio channels, from M'sia and Indonesia.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi YM Bryan lao shi and MC

today last day ler, my whole factory ladies very upset today.

U know that time we make Gui Hua tea for all to drink and thanks to Bryan lao shi now is in our pantry. SOme find their stomach health improve.

WE are group of aunties from

Jin Li Cloth Material at Ubi

I am Jin Mei

Henry Leong said...

Hi YM & MC,
You might like my recommendations of getting healthy and fit.

Exspecially MC might want to know the secrets of slimming down:

Anonymous said...

Hi YM & MC,

I'm going to miss both of your voice, really enjoy listening your programme, it's more natural & not stressful...not like the "auntie killer", his is like copy from magazines and he's good at acting...