Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Michelle from Jeric Salon at Central Mall (Clarke Quay). 通常在主持戶外活動時,都會找她幫我STYLE。上個周末主持I周刊歡慶500期的SHOW時,找了MICHELLE幫我用現在最流行的絲巾當HAIR BAND,頭巾。我還在學怎麼綁頭巾。如果你不會綁,可以買已經綁好的,我在accessorize看過,直接套在頭上。 但是,我覺得選擇不多。

上星期六在bugis戶外主持SHOW,熱得很,JOEY 在現場,應該知道。當天,fiona xie的裝扮很陽光,她也綁了頭巾,但是她的頭巾是hermes的! 真希望I周刊不會不小心刊登我跟三位新傳媒公主的照片。因為我真的是滿頭大汗,風扇又吹亂我的溼發。從台下拍上來,我的baby doll裙又讓我看起來象孕婦。

訪問結束後,鳳玲拍我的背後跟我說bye bye. 天啊!全身黏黏的,真尷尬。。。


Anonymous said...


叶咏梅 said...

HAHA! 那是因為難看的照片我不敢放。

Anonymous said...

Hey Yongmei, can put the pics u take with the three princess please, thanks.

Henry Leong said...

Beautiful shot!

Nicole Hah said...

hi yong mei,

ya, i can understand your feeling. i also that kind of people, 流汗像流水一樣﹗哈哈~~~

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, refering to the 2nd comment. Dunt say that lah, really find u younger n prettier these days, maybe due to yr hard work on make up n taking good care of yr skin. When women gets older, really make take care lor.


叶咏梅 said...

nope, they didn't take pics with the three princess. sigh....they thought onli take my pic.

i wanna take photo with them but i was still on stage hosting, so, next week's i weekly should have their photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
You looked really good and pretty.
Btw, I want to thank you and MC King for this entertaining and wonderful radio programme. As I have been jobless for over 8 months, love972 dejays really helps me thru this aimless, uncertain and agonising waiting period. I could always depend on these programmes thru the entire day to help me get thru this difficult time, at least not to go into deep depression.
Recently I have finally found a new job and will be starting on 18Jun, but at the same time it's sad that I'll not be able to listen to Love972. Anyway I'm sure to support Love972 when I am on vacation leaves.
MC King - I have heard your comments on Fri. Do not be too upset with some unkown/ignorant listners comments. It's a great virtue to forgive others for their wrongs. Life is like the morning dew; appears awhile and disappear in a moment. Just like it's better to give then to receive.
Nobody is perfect Keep it up, you are doing good, if not better. May God bless you with peace,joy and good health everyday of your life.
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei and MC King,

I came to know that both of you holding the 10am to 12pm radio programme only just 1 1/2 month ago. But sadly that this time slot will be taken by another DJ.

My colleague and I have been enjoying the programme. We hope you will able to continue hosting with MC King again.

Best Wishes