Monday, May 21, 2007

Juz another busy monday.....(UPDATED)

I wish it was sunday.

If your car is imported from Europe and you need to make a duplicate key, probably you can look for Hwa Keat Motor, Mr Joseph Smith at Turf City. Alternatively, you can try Kitchener Road, opp 剪刀剪or Near Jalan Besar Food Court, a building by the left which has all the computerised facilities of duplicating car keys.

NEXT TIME, remember to make a spare one. (UPDATED!!!! SHE FOUND HER KEY IN HER DAD'S CAR! HAHA!)

Now i'm trying to help another listener find a pc of news on Chinese Newspaper about her young sister commiting suicide in China. She said her sister in law wish to claim insurance and get all her leftover $. 听了,真的很心寒。偏偏这世上就有很多你非常重视却伤害你的人。 She said her aunt has juz passed away over the weekend becos of unhappy marriage too.

女人真的不要嫁错郎, 否则一生都被毁了。 但是,我始终相信只有自己能转变自己的命运。 如果婚姻无法让你快乐,就要想其他的方法让自己更快乐。 别轻易放弃!

okie, my friend has tried to find the past one month's english and chinese newspaper but to no avail.


Has anyone come across a news related to the following last words of a 34 year old mummy who commited suicide in China. Her hubby immediately got her insurance claim after she jumped to her death.


"K** asks me to kill myself and tell me how to do it. I'm going now. I know I'm stupid but i'm really too tired to go on with life. It has been nightmares a few month after **'s (Her daughter) birth. He changed. He's a beast. I'm tired after struggling for 6 and a half years. I beg you to help me bring ** (her daughter) back to Singapore. She must not stay with this beast. I don't have a will but please get the MPs and lawyers to help to transfer all my assets to ** after my death. That beast will only spend all the money on his beastly friends and leave nothing for **. All these years, the family allowance he gave me goes to clearing his debts with the banks. I don't remember how many ten thousands have I paid the banks for what he spent on his beastly friends and at nightclubs. I am sorry that I am a lousy mother and a lousy Christian. I'm tired. Please forgive me and help me take care of **. Take care. He is a murderer. He has been asking me to drink to get drunk and to take sleeping pills so that I won't bother him."

IF YOU HAVE INFO, pls let me noe ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei,

Just now you mentioned buy cotton wool to cover your ears...but the cotton wool won't drop out while you are sleeping meh? It is quite painful to do this way is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei and MC King

I have not been working for the pass 1 1/2 months (taking a good break now coz I always believe 休息是为了走更长远的路). I really enjoy listening to both of your programs (both of you are so good) Keep it up.
Btw YongMei, all the best to yr examination.

叶咏梅 said...

not painful lah. its very soft. but i forgot the brand liao.

Anonymous said...

Becos my husband had lost one of the car key quite some time ago (so now we left only 1 original key), we had tried lots of places where people always claimed that they can duplicate the computerise car key.
We tried and also duplicated a few but so far, none of the keys can work. It's always only can open the car door but can't start the up liao lah...
But as u said of course is best to have another set of car key on hand especially my husband is so
So, it is true that the Kitchener Road that one works well???
Or can anyone introduce???
Our car is Toyota Altis...
Many Thanks!
Yongmei & MC,
both of u partner so well and humour, like ur program very much....hope u can continue....
good luck for YongMei's Exam too!


叶咏梅 said...

toyota should be no problem. european cars have more problems duplicating keys. Well an uncle recommend kitchener road one. he said he lost his keys last weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks YongMei for taking the time & effort to reply despite your busy schedule....can feel your sincere in making every of your fans (listeners) felt great...


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, how old is that victim's daughter?

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei

RE: Car Key Duplication

I searched the website and found 2 tel nos. (under different Co's name). Same person answered :/. He said they've never been located at Kitchener Road before. They were at Turf City and now is at Toh Guan Road. He also claimed that they r the only shop in S'pore that provide such service. fyi.