Friday, May 04, 2007

第二组Deon and guys!

From left, JunFa, Alvin, Deon and Eugene


Anonymous said...

what happen to claris? nobody choosing her? game over?

Anonymous said...

junfa and deon r veri compatible. Hope they'll have a happy ending. All the best to the both of them!! :)

Nicole Hah said...

deon and junfa also quite match!

hope to hear good news from you all also.

jia you!

Anonymous said...

all three guys are gd looking, especially for alvin. i'm sure he will find his ms right soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,Alvin,Jun fa & Eugene..
1st,I really wan to thank chikenmama again for organising last night's gathering,despite her exams coming!
2ndly,I will like to apologise to alvin,jun fa & eugene for being "cool" towards u all at the beginning,as I'm really not used to such function.Sorry..
3rdly,will like to tell chikenmama that u really sings well!! Esp "Wo3 huai2 nian4 de"!!*Claps...claps* and so happy to have a chance to duet with u!!
Last but not least,hope we will have another chance to go ktv again after chikenmama's exam..=D
And..thanks for your flowers jun fa =)
Take care and have a nice day!

daphne chia said...


Alvin Chua said...

ai yo... i think i sounded like i was having constipation.. hahaha..
YM cannot show favourtism just because you are my Da Yi Ma you know.. hahaha

Hey Deon, on behalf of the guys, we thank you for giving us the chance to know you. Keep in contact !!

cheers !!

Anonymous said...