Monday, April 23, 2007

Finally found someone who can analyse your宝贝!

是的.终于找到一位本地的收藏及鉴定家上"就爱向钱冲". 如果你家里有什么放了很久,你认为可能有价值的物品,请拍照,同时把详情email 给我. 他星期四就会上节目做录音.

他刚才告诉我他收集的一封旧信件,当年$200买,后来在一次博物馆的收集活动上让他赢取首奖$3000! So, you never noe how much your old stuff are worth.

画,陶瓷,日历,什么都行! 让我知道okie? email me-->


yishan said...

hi yong mei,
can u tell mi wat is hui shan blog i find but cannot find leh?
thxs :)

yishan said...

hi yong mei,
can u tell mi wat is hui shan blog i find but cannot find leh?
thxs :)

叶咏梅 said...

Please look below under最爱blog一blog-latest updates under no. 10,972宣传珊珊。

Chow said...
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GaRFieLD said...

Hi Renee,
Pls ask MC to laugh freely!
Justice for MC! He's so adorable!
Beginning to like him more & more...
Keep it up MC!!!! 加油加油!!


Fanny said...

hi yong mei/mc king,

我是from jb 很喜欢你们笑声可让我开心一整天,我永远支持你们。

jb fanny

wangmeiyue said...

hi yong mei,
Congratulation! It's great to hear that your blog's begin No. one...
Keep it up...


Hooi Kheng Edward said...

hello! Yong Mei! Can i have his contact as my dad work in the bank for the past 50 years and he manage to keep a lot of Bank's contract and documents which is about 100 years or more .. is it worth a fortune?? hihi Thanks. i can be contact through email Thanks

Kim Eu

叶咏梅 said...

Bank contracts!!! okie. i'm excited. After doing interview with the analyser Mr Neo, he said bank contracts are only "profitable" if you have famous people's signature on it! if you can provide more details by emailing me photos or info pertaining which bank , wat signature, i can forward you his email. I think he is willing to help. but he has got attitude, he doesnt believe in monetary value, he is more concern with historical value.

But he is a nice and sincere guy. He is like a grand daddy to me. he is like a walking encyclopedia!

Listen to his interviews starting next mon 1145 am at LOVE 972!