Monday, April 23, 2007

早知道,早健康! Bryan老师,自然疗法.

Natural Remedies for headaches include:

1) Tom Yam Soup
2) Ginger soup ( half 老姜+水煮到滚+黑糖) ->听众提供
3) 把姜片放在额头,颈后可以缓和头疼症状-->听众提供
4) 葛根汤 (在中药店买$1的葛根,分成三分加水煮到滚) 在头痛发作时候或之前喝,对舒缓头痛有
帮助. 比如晚上去喝酒隔天早上起来会头痛的朋友,这个方法很有效.)
5) 菊花茶(用泡的不要煮,否则药性减低.)
6) 补充钙质及维他命B6 可以改善头痛. (上网看到钙片可以改善经痛.)
7) 热毛巾敷在颈项后靠近肩膀部位.

Natural Remedies for Cold

1)北芪+红枣+ 枸杞 (提升免疫力,不容易生病。)
3)Lavender oil put on tissue paper, smell it.
4)Or Add a drop of lavender + 1 drop of eucalyptus oil on tissue paper, stick on computer
5) Lemon Oil (Put in office environment can help reduce staff taking MC)

Natural Remedies For sore throat

1) raw egg + salt mixed well then put hot water inside. Mix well, drink it while hot.

Natural Remedies for Cough

1) 四五片姜片去煮水+喝之前倒入half cup coke.


Cammi said...

Hi Yongmei,

Pls tell me where can i get pure essential oil, thanks

pink sky said...

dearest Yongmei,

Would u able to post this programm on your blog? juz came back from US trip, missed this programm vrry much.
Last programm b4 I left was the porridge!

Bryan said...

hi i am bryan, is important to get good oil, example best lavender the is lavendula vera.

wangmeiyue said...

hi yong mei,
I love your programme especiallly with MC king, the most interseting part is interviewed with ALAMAK.
There's so much laugther and joy.
You did a good job, keep it up!..


Cammi said...

Hi Bryan,

Yes I agree with u, that's why I want 2 noe where can I get gd essential oil, I know body shop they hv essential oil but does not know whether is it pure.

Bryan said...

Order from me thru

my website is

叶咏梅 said...

Bryan老师has sneaked into my website!
haha! i was too busy to put his email here. Pure essential oil is hard to find, of course the price tells you how pure it is. But most importantly you need an expert to offer you advice as to what's suitable for you and how to use it. I think that's more important than finding the pure essential oil.

Can email Bryan老师for more info.

Bryan said...

Hi, ahaha, because of attending fm972 talk show, now i created a blog on health and beauty with picture on the accupressure point that i mentioned in the programme.... Yong mei u can take a look....

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei and bryan.. would appreciate if u guys could provide some remedies for sinus.. of late,my nose has been very sensitive..always sneezing for no apparent reasons anytime anywhere..need your expert advise..
tk u..

Anonymous said...

yong mei,
I'm Emily, can u take the photo for rosemary, coz i don't know what is the rosemary. Thank you.

Bryan said...

Sinus are somethings very tricky, is ur sinus allergy type or heaty type... Sometimes chinese doctoris good to take medicine for a week.

I have this remedies....

A. Stop fruits after 7pm
B stop milk awhile
C. one drop lavendula vera and one drop eucalyptus radiata on tissue inhale and apply acupressure point

I will post the acupressurepoint picture in my blog.And also rosemary picture....

Also may be general weakness in ur body, what u can do is for 3 days in a row put 2 drop lavendula vera and 2 drop eucalyptus radiata in warm water and perform wam water foot bath.... 15mins

jonathan said...

Hi bryan,
I have plant a tree and the smell of the leaf is v nice, how i extract the oil from the leaf? by distillation? do you know how to do it? Just want to experiment myself .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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