Monday, April 23, 2007


how can i live without it? MASKS! Clay, moisturising, gel, cream like facial masks!


请留言告诉我你试过的方式! GAM XIA!!


xiao xue said...


推荐Estee Lauder 的Intensive Radiance Recovery Series
步骤1:以按摩的手法涂抹浓缩的Radiance Boosting Solution
步骤2:敷上Radiance Infusion面膜


Anonymous said...

你很用心做你的节目和BLOG, 相信你会找更多有建设性的信息给我们.谢谢.

Sagiloss said...

Hi YongMei,

We girls are always searching for all sorts of products rite for our skin. But results is always different to individual. It works for you doesnt mean it works for me.. So somehow, instead of trying diff cosmetic pdts, why dont we work from inside, we take the right supplements for skin. Cos "skin shows whts fr inside out" rite? Why dont we recommend wht good skin supplement? Yongmei, can discuss on this oso?

Fr: Sagiloss

HuiLin said...

Hmm...I put on make up everyday...

So...removal of make up muz be thorough...with:
1) Make-up Remover (Oil based)
2) Facial Cleaner (Milky type)
3) Normal Facial Cleanser
*After Normal Cleansing, definitely must follow up with Toner and Moisturiser (day) and Night Cream (Night)

I used Shisedo Toner and Moisturiser + Night cream products...find it really effective...

4) Exfoliating Gel (Used once of Twice)
5) Best to follow up after face exfoliating would be facial mask.

The Facial masks used are more economically priced.
Got them from the Face Shop...

One other thing....putting on fang shai gao is necessary if you're out in the sun for long....

Guess its a long list that everyone of us usually do...nothing much anyway...

And i need some tips for dark eye rings...
Anyone plssssssss

Toru said...

我大力推荐SK2 facial treatment mask.
两周一次, 加上每天两次的神奇水效果很显著。 值得一试

Catherine said...

hi...hi...I overheard a lady mention that there was a cheap good and varitey flavour 的面膜 bought from XXXX shoping centre. May i know which shopping mall and the brand please?


Say said...
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Say said...

Hi Yong Mei,

may i know what was the brand of the white clay mask that you mentioned? the brand starting with "B"?

anyway i find the chapter of "wo xing wo xiu" is rather short.. it lasted for about 10 mins or less?? think it would be more beneficial for us if the session prolonged.

lastly, do you purely mask at home or do you visit the beauty saloon frequently? i have serious dark rings,and it is still as dark even after 8 hours of sleep.. would appreciate that you can provide us with some efficient ways to diminish it.. thank you so much, anyway good luck for your exams.. = )

yishan said...

Hi yongmei,
i also want to noe the cheap good and varitey flavour 的面膜 bought from XXXX shoping centre by a lady. May i know which shopping mall and the brand please?


yishan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, yongmei

I have acne problem. Two weeks more i will get married. I dont what product can cure my acne as soon as possible. I have went to facial twice but it's nothing.

叶咏梅 said...

Face Shop masks variety a lot too. Xiaoying used them and find it not bad.

The $2 masks. MC bought it from Balestier shopping centre, my listener bought it from John little. The brand is "DERMAL". Has charcoal, honey pollen, red wine, aloe vera, tomato! will go shopping later! yipee! before our gathering with nansheng contestants.

i do masks at home when i dun have time to go for facial. its the fastest way to achieve radiance!

the "B" brand clay masks is Biotherm. They have only one white clay masks. I find that it's useful for deep cleansing esp when you have acne problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi, yongmei

May I know where can I get the $2 mask you mentioned. Is it from Face Shop?

yap said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Gd morning to u...
I'm Jb yap one of your listener.
I would like to try your mask which u on air recomend to us.

I normally D.I.Y at home.
I did try some product at the shopping complex eg Laurier, avon, elianto etc

My email:

Jacqueline said...

HI Yongmei,

I have oily and sensative skin. I found one Charcoal Mask which cost only $2 at Daiso (IMM and Vivo City). It is very effective in removing black heads and all dirts (included dead cell and hair follicle) from the face. The face will look fairer and brighter instantly after peeling off. Japanese products are better as it is designed more for Asian skin. The $2 mask sheet which you mentioned with various type of ingredients are also very good for hydrating and relaxing.

Michelle said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I find the NuSkin marine clay mask is gd for deep cleansing. It is a dark clay mask and i find my face feel cooling and fresh after the mask. You can even see those oily mark on the mask when it's dry which show that the oil had been suck out from your face. It's quite gd.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei. I am Wendy. I would to introduce the brand ' Biolyn' Transdermal rescue mask. It is excellent. my face looks radiant the next morning aft use at nite.Can buy frm "Lao Hang Jia".The px is about $4 plus.I would to reg fr Bryan's talk. My email is

Wendy said...

Yong Mei. The name shld be Transdermal Rescue Collagen Mask. Must Try. Cheap n gd!

Anonymous said...

I try many kind of face cleaning and some other mask but so far my face stil the same even just sit down watch tv my face wil oily too..
Hey..heard u have some secret mask huhh..may i try the mask? Btw where u bought the mask??

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yongmei

I use SKII mask about 5 years , it made my face smooth n bright. I love using it. But i want to try some other mask .Can i have one from you, PLease. Thank you very much.
Mdm Goh

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

I would like to participate in your program as mentioned. One of the many masks i am using is Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula Clay Mint Mask. It is very good for absorbing excess oil, removing my blackheads and clearing my pores.

Another mask is NIKS Bisabolol Nutrient Masque. It is good for calming the red marks and hydrating purposes for acne skin cos my oily face is quite dry from using the acne products.

Another one i like to recommend is NIKS Red Wine Sheet Mask but it is quite expensive so i dun use very often. very hydrating and radiant after using! hee..

my email is


Anonymous said...

im Chelsea jus leave u a comment at time 11:35am.... :)
I 4got to leave u my email:

Anonymous said...

hi 咏梅姐,

我是碧霞, 和你通过3封email 的。还记得我吗?我还在等你回我最后第4封信.你说的
The $2 masks."DERMAL". Has charcoal, honey pollen, red wine, aloe vera, tomato! 那天我听后想去找,可是没去。你式用什么的或全式用了?好用吗?red wine 的有$2 哪么便宜吗?

Anonymous said...

hi Yong Mei,

came across a promotion of
Elizabeth Rosse Collagen Crystal Face Mask - Pearl @ Watson , each piece ard $3. Tried and find it's v moisturising and gives give it try!!


Anonymous said...




一种面膜多种功能 我承认是在宣传,也是因为产品很多人都认同,住要是100%有效果,可信赖~


Anonymous said...

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