Thursday, April 05, 2007

就爱向钱冲- 我的表值不值钱?

1) 金表增值机会不高。不管什么品牌。


至于什么品牌及款式的手表他们不收,就要听11.45 pm 的“就爱向钱冲”


Captain 熊猫 said...

Yong mei, have a view of my Vietnam Trip from Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An.

Free to share among the rest of the DJs..

can relay to Guo xian, Idle 1 is back!

From Nov 30 till Dec 19 2006.

By the way, I am the caller the other day on the Viet Coffee :P

叶咏梅 said...

waah! the Notre Dame Cathedral is so pretty!

thanx for your photo sharing and yes, if you planning to go vietnam with jianbin during JUNE holidays, pls call 6536 6233

阿三哥 said...


realy blur said...

how 2 get 2 ur "blog yi blog" ?

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,
Gd morning to u.
Lovely prog...
I can't get the blog y blog yet.
I will try again.
Hope u can lead me...

The simple porridge I love it.

have a nice day

Your listener : Jb"Yap"