Monday, March 19, 2007


Yap! i'm on mc today. But really feeling better. now i only have problems standing for too long and kneeling down.

Now my biggest problem is COUGHING. bad bad cough and if it doesn't get better my wound will hurt more. And becos of the bad cough, i've got asthma attack yest nite. sigh....And besides that, it's back pain! Probably due to curling my body too much when i'm in pain for the past few days.

Thanks meizhu for covering me. I really hope i can be back to work 2moro. cos too much things to rush. My friends kept asking me to take few days more to rest. how i hope next week is not survey week. anyway, gotta take things slow now cos i'm feeling weak.

Meanwhile take care of yourself too.


maymay said...

Hi, Yong Mei,

Take good care & don't over-exert yourself. Better ask your mum to prepare some bu-pin tonic for you, no matter how small the operation is, it's still damaging to the body. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

I have the same problem as you since i was at the age of 17. I married at 36 and managed to gave birth my son at 38. Pls do consider to have baby your illness able to solved. May be you will try to see Chinese doctor, it will help you to have baby soon. This is what i had done previsouly. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Great to learnt that u are feeling better already. Ya, don't over exert yourself, 粗重活就别做了,ok, 要好好照顾身体哦!


Anonymous said...

哈!你的情况怎么跟我差不多! 刚生小孩后几天我也咳嗽,而且一咳伤口就疼痛,身体很虚,连去看医生也带个游泳圈,因为一坐下伤口就疼痛!




Anonymous said...



Take Good care.


Anonymous said...

hi,yong mei.
take care n get well soon.pls rest more n don't carry heavy things.housework can ask your hubby 2 help, rest a few more days.
bao zhong
fr:mdm wong

Anonymous said...


take goodcare! hope to hear from you soon.hv yr accompany on air
i feel no lonely during my working


seagull said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Glad to know that you are recovering.

Take very good care of yourself 1st, before returning to work. If we (972 listerners) feel concern for you, someone whom we don't keep in direct contact with (coz we're humans with feelings), I'm sure your colleagues will understand. Next time, you can help them too. (Helping each other is part and puzzle of life!)

Regarding housework, just turn a blind eye and wait until you are better if you can't find immediately help. Sometimes, we can't relay on our man 100% although we are not feeling well.

I have asthma too. I'm not sure whether you know this: when you have an asthma attack, DO NOT lie down horizontally on the bed, try to sit up straight or lie at an incline position. Fyi, accuputure can help bring relief to a mild asthma. You may consider cutting down on sweet stuff including (cooling) fruits & veg to reduce phlegm.

I hope the next time you see "handsome" Dr Tan in surgeon coat will be the time when you are in labour.

I sincerely hope that you don't have to make a choice between baby or study, if you are blessed with a child before your complete your part time course (at SIM?)

Although I miss your sweet voice, a healthy body always come before work. So please take great care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Wish you a speedy recovery....Take care and cheerio

DJ Kevin said...


we all Miss... Chiken MaMa..


Anonymous said...


Bessssssssst Regardssss

GaRFieLD said...

Dearest YongMei...
U're brave!
Was shocked that u even wash & put the clothes out! That's a no no..
Be good & rest well... Must really take good care...



Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

Haha...... i can only feel pain for the first test.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hi Yong Mei,

so happy to hear your voice today.. take more rest and leave the household chore for your hubby to do it... Take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Glad you are back on air!
Take you care and may God bless you.

Ms Yang

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

After reading ya experience, I began to worry about my condition too...I have irregular menses since I am a teenager.Have not had my menses for almost 9mths. Sorry, mind me asking how I can get into contact with Dr Tan Hak Koon? I will like t pay a visit to his clinic.

Most importantly, I sincerely hope that you will get well soon. Can understand your work commitment but don't over exert yaself. =)


Anonymous said...

Dear Yong Mei,

As a woman i can feel how uncomfortable u r. Jus try yr best to relax k.

"Honey World honey with UMF16+" is vy gd for cough. Take 1/2 tbsp 3 times a day. My hubby stopped coughing after taking 2 times. As he coughed for 2wks, n medicine can't help.

If u hv ashma, then honey with UMF20+ is better for u.

Price for honey with UMF16+ = $56 for 500g.
honey with UMF20+= $65 for 500g.
I brought mine at OG.

Take care.

seagull said...

Hi Yongmei!

Glad to hear your cheerful voice today air again.

One suggestion for asthma cause by night coughing. I have itch throat/ just feel like coughing before I sleep. I try control breathing. Inhale through the nose slowly and deeply (as comfortable as your lungs can take it) and exhale thru' the mouth slowly (pop up 2 pillows/blosters on bed and lie on them-incline position). I took longer to exhale than inhale.

Focus on this breathing method until you fall asleep or until you no longer feel like coughing. I've been having mild asthma since before CNY and I use this breathing method without the use of inhalers. Hope this helps.

Xiu, u may call the appt line at 63214377. Let them know you will like to make an appt with Dr Tan Hak Koon (O&G dept). You'll be charged under private rate (non-subsidised rate) if you request for him. Ah....cannot give you his pager no. here la.....

Yongmei,waiting to hear your cheerful voice again! Control your laughter, and have less pain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seagull,

Thanks for ya reply. Appreciate that. May i know which hospital is Dr Tan attached to? Apologised to have to ask you at Yongmei's Blog. Bu hao yi si, Yongmei.

Tks Seagull.


seagull said...

dj kevin is Chiken Goddaddy!

Hi Xiu,

Dr Tan is from SGH.
He doesnt't look his age. He has't change (in look) ever since I am his patient in (ard) 1996. He still want the same colour shirt, pants & tie, same length hair style. Too busy to trim his hair?(not sure whether he change this year cos I havn't seen him this year).

It's an assurance for us patients to have his pager no, esp when we are pregant (but don't know whether he'll give u). If u hv any doubt, it's better to ask him personally.

Xiu, take care!

Yongmei, work smart & rest well 2!

GaRFieLD said...

Dearest Yongmei...
About scary movies... I am one who's very timid... Will not watch ghost movies or thrillers at all.. Yee... 干吗吓自己呢!

我非常欣赏你的性格。。 U're so cheerful & sincere... 不做作。。
I'm sure it's a joy to be your friend...
Am a year your junior and have just given birth to a bb gal whose 4mths old now (I've always sort Violet's advised on bb's issues)I've never expected the joy of being a mother! You may wanna consider one after ur recovery... I'm most willing to share all the joy, tips & help u might need then...

Would like to share my bb's pix wif you... my email is


GaRFieLD said...

Hi YongMei,
Very interested in the topic abt marriage u just mentioned on air...
Any web we cud refer to?
Totally agree that we have to maintain a marriage, cannot take things for granted...


Qing said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Just wondering how does Hong You looks. Do you have a pic with him ? Or his alone ? Can you post it here ? Thanks

叶咏梅 said...

hongyou wants to remain Mr Photoless!

Dr Tan Hak Koon is from SGH. yes, all his patients have his pager. SGH appointments no. i think its 63214377. He is a nice guy. Makes you feel at ease.

haha. now my wound starts to itch. hongyou say 生鱼and燕窝helps wound recover quicker.

i feel weak in morning, will prepare 泡参 to drink to 补气!

Anonymous said...

Hi Seagull and Yongmei,

Thanks for the info!Yup, that time after my bro has returned hme from his operation, my mum oso cook sheng yu soup for him...

Do try it Yongmei. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Glad to hear voice again ON AIR. You still sound as cheerful though I suppose you are still enduring the pain.

Don't worry, everything will be well soon.

Yes! chanting Nam-myo-ho-renge-gyo is the best medicine. You must have confident in yourself and the Gohonzon.

Take good care..


叶咏梅 said...

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princess said...

还 好,你 没 事!God bless...