Monday, March 26, 2007


If you have any interesting blogs you want to recommend, please email me

26/3 MC King's Blog

27/3 萧亚轩blog
看看她的“所有文章”,最新的post 都在那里。

28/3 郭台铭和梁朝伟线上FLASH游戏。

4/4 孙耀威

5/4 章子怡blog - I find her beautiful!!

? Alex 方力申blog

9/4 苏慧伦blog

10/4 徐若瑄 blog --> a lot of cute pictures!!mrlQmZyVFRlxMiby5AufoyiQY5rW/

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Leesa said...

hi yong mei & mc king :)

need Ms Mok blog leh ? think it's good to show local stars blog so that we know more of their personalities ? i saw "wen long" during CNY and he is very friendly person...not as what i see on TV :) can introduce his blog ?