Monday, March 26, 2007



I'm going to be covergal of new magazine!!! 是本地首本中英文的美容保健杂志!

明天下午下班后就去拍。要感谢我的朋友,著名化妆师Andy答应为我上妆! 太给我面子了。这是我意想不到的机会,跟他合作还有上封面。粉樱上次的妈妈宝贝卖到断货,我还和杂志社说你确定我可以吸引买气吗?哈哈。既然机会来了当然 会努力去做好它。刚刚alamak还说我胖了。手术后我的小腹还没消呢。

人生就那么一次机会啦,上封面呢!应该是第一次也是最后一次吧。 你们要多买几本哦。等杂志出版时再提醒大家买啦。

我好兴奋。。。担心睡不着。。。muz go for beauty sleep liao.


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

Congratulations!! I sure support you.

Have confident in yourself..You are young and pretty.. more opportunities will come. "Jia Yu".


SleepyLeo said...

You are one of my favourite DJs, I will definitely support you. Your news came at the right time. I heard that my friend is getting bonus soon. Ha... shall I make her buy some too... Must show support to our pretty Yong Mei mah! Congratulations to you!

Anonymous said...

What's there to compare? 2 different magazines. The targeted readers will be different too. Some more 1st copy - a lot will be given away free.

sally said...

don't worry so much, you are so pretty and photogenic. jia you.


Anonymous said...

咏梅.. 赶快post 一些照片让我们先睹为快!!

Nicole Hah said...

yong mei, congratulation to you!
yup, you are right. this is maybe the one or the last time, but you must jia you!