Monday, March 12, 2007


烦恼的事终于可以获得解决了! 吃了一年避孕药为了让经期更顺. 结果一年后,超声波扫描,我的水瘤长了2公分(2cm).现在已经变成象网球一样大了. 6cm. 一定得开刀取出. 手术日期若不是这个星期五就是下个星期一. It's day surgery. 两小时手术. 不需住院. 我现在只希望不会疼痛,否则要休息很久. 我们又要换节目内容了.非常忙. 如果不是因为紧急,也不需现在动手术.


Anonymous said...

Hi 咏梅
today heard your voice returned to the radio very happy. So you have been to Shanghai. can see that you really like flowers a lot, so many nicely taken photos. U are still as cheerful as ever, so very surprised to learn that u have this lady problem 困扰着你。Hope it is a small problem and u will recover in good time after the surgery. take good care.
May God bless u,
Cheers, Margaret

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei can u please put the blog address of the felicia chin on ur blog

Thank you
From sharon

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello,

Here's Felicia Chin blog ""

by the way, Yong Mei, get well soon! We really happy to hear your voice during working.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

so cute,the chicken!why u buy the toy chicken?

Anonymous said...

Take Care, hv a good rest - LG

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Don't worry!
Hope to hear a good news from u soon. Pls update us thru yr blog. Take good care & good rest.


Brenda said...

據你形容的day surgery的話應該沒怎麼大問題﹐手術後好好休息吧...祝你早日康復~

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, god bless.

Anonymous said...

do take gd care!pray hard for u!

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei,

I had a 5cm cyst on the left ovary years ago, then went to operate to remove it, so far so good. Then the right side also develop a 3cm cyst, so for health sake I change my diet after listening to dongfang billy's program and in the end the cyst the cyst disappear after about 1+ year.
After the op should rest a few days cos the body need to recover. Wish you good luck and take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

May be after the surgery, if you condition your womb well, you'll be able to conceive. It's fortunate that you found the problem early. Sometimes it's very scary that medication can cause this type of side-side hor.
You'll be alright. Don't worry too much.
Cheers, Margaret

叶咏梅 said...

刚拿到全身检查的报告。哈哈,原来胸部也会长cyst! 天啊!女人都是水(瘤〕做的吗?



星期一去做pre admission testing时看到一位小姐。她的脸,胸前,双手都是被烧伤的伤痕。她还对我微笑。刚开始因为她背着我,所以当我一转身看到她对我微笑,我的表情开始真的不自然,因为没想到啊。


Anonymous said...

嗨! 咏梅小妹

你好. 请放心, 这只是个小手术, 因为我也曾经经历过. 我会为你祈祷.

GOD Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Don't worry for the operation, you should take it out now rather then it grow bigger. Every woman wil have this problem,it is only a matter of big or small. I have one also and it grow together with my baby when I am pregnant. it was very worry at that time but now everything is back to normal.

Just treat youself taking a good rest.

Do takecare


Anonymous said...

你 好 咏 梅,我 喜 望 你 快 点 好 起 来。God bless.

GaRFieLD said...

Dearest YongMei,
Give u the strength for the coming operation... Be strong!
U mentioned earlier abt the conditioner u used which is very good... (blue color bottle) eh.. can I know which brand izzit?
Meanwhile, take care!!!