Tuesday, February 06, 2007

掌门人好lobang - 盆菜篇

1)东海(6235 9088) 大(十人)$318
18种食材 小(5人)$165

2)同乐(很多分店,在Jurong的电话 6262 6996


3) 翡翠(很多分店)(orchard分行6734 6866)
小(6人) $198 不包括鲍鱼

Any other recommendations, please feel free to leave msg!


Amaranta said...

Hi I´m from Argentina I visit your blog I don`t have knowledge on Chinese..
but I enjoy visit it!


Sunflower said...

hi,sorry I m not responding to the lobang topic. I heard over the radio about the "qi pao" shop. May I know where it is huh? I hv been looking for one for CNY! Cannot wait until Friday coz no time already!!! Thanks!

Libra said...

Hello Yong Mei I cannot see whatever the postings I see small square small square, but Billy's story blog I read all the Chinese text, how come ? posting
cannot see?
Monday to Friday listen to 972 from 8.30am to 5.30pm
I support all 972, locked there lor ..I love 90.5 , 958 and 95
so sometime, switch on 2 radio s...

jess said...


Henry Leong said...

Hello, 9.72 radio stations is my favourite radion stations, especially the chinese oldies program, hope to listenhttp://recordbreakingfeat.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei
Can you let me know the name and add of the dessert shop u mentioned weeks ago.
Thank you! Happy New Year to you and Hongyou.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Just now the lady who recommended the coffe kuah bangkit is at Blk 504 Jurong West st 41


Anonymous said...


Do you have any lobang for Hair salons as most of them have increased the price during chinese new year and is very costly.


Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, thanks for this pen cai lobang and its very useful. I would be having a small gathering with my colleagues and while we were still thinking about what to prepare, your pencai came in just the right time. Oh yes, I have placed order from tung lok.

Thanks, cheesecake

Anonymous said...

I just cut and color my hair at Block 85 Bedok North Road only S$30.00 You cal try there - one small shop china hair stylist with more than 10 years of experience.

the desert shop is ji de chi opposit Chinatown Point, very nice, I went there last Sunday with my family, but didn't get to eat the yam cake. The carrot cake is very nice also the black sesame paste.

Will go again if pass there.

Yong Mei and Hong yu

Xin nian kuai le


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene, many thanks for your info, I will try the dessert probably after CNY, I like to eat Hakka abacas (dunno spelling correct or not), have not eaten any nice one so far.
Happy NY to all listener of 972 & DJs


Anonymous said...

hi, where is ji de chi dessert shop? which lvl is it? opp chinatown point meaning the building that is link from OG? thanks

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei
can pls tell us the place that u
went to buy ur qipao,thanks for sharing ur lobang with us.
happy new year

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your info. And can I check with you what is your hair length?


Anonymous said...

Dear Samantha,

Actually, I have a little longer than shoulder length...... I decided to have a new hair look so...... I cut short(I mean short).
New look for the new year.

Dear April,

My friend went to the desert shop last Saturday. Shed tried the Hakka abacus and packet back for herself as dinner - she claims it is very good.

Dear Anonymous,

The shop if facing the road (on ground level). If you know there is a Delifrance in Chinatwon Point - Stand in front of Delifrqance and you will be able to see Ji De Chi desert shop.

Hope you can find it.

Happy New Year to all of you out there.


Anonymous said...


I like the pineapple tarts that you had made and do you have the recipe for it, maybe you could share it with us also.



lady said...

Hi Yong Mei, I understand that there is this restaurant that sells take-away "peng cai". It includes a multi cooker with all the ingredients. It's meant for folks who wish to eat at home minus the hassle. Will appreciate if you let us know where we can find that and how much it costs.

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw that Dong hai is selling peng cai.
$165 seems rather cheap,does it even contain abalone?
Also,where is Dong hai restaurant?
Is it the one at Toa payoah?