Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cynthia - AFTER!

I like the blue top and the skirt so much! 看起来多年轻! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Really happy to see the photos here!! Still waiting anxiously for everyone's photos (including mine)!=D And thanks for your advice,I found the thing I needed at Far East Plaza.Went down to buy after the event.

Noticed some irrelevant/uneccessary comments in your blog recently.Just wanted to tell u tat dun dwell too much on them.You replied in a very professional and calm manner.*Well Done!* I felt that people who wrote these are either jealous or just wanted to spoil your day!

Although last Sunday was the first time I met you and only for 4 hrs,I felt that you are an extremely friendly and an easy-to-get along with person,same to DJ Hong You too!!Very helpful!Really had fun that day..nearly turned "This Fashion" into a mad house!Ha..ha

Last but not least,I will always support you no matter what others say abt you!I believed there will be others who will also agree with me.

Have a nice day!(^u^)

Fair Lady

Anonymous said...

so ugly!

Anonymous said...

Heh she may not be pretty but are you jealous, she is not ugly either consider her age to dress up like this.