Monday, February 12, 2007



多尝试不同颜色,款式的服饰,穿多了,自然有品味!我发觉还是旁观者清。在帮佳丽选衣服时,我突然觉得自己蛮有眼光的。而我每次买的衣服,另一半总是说不适合我或不好看之类的话!想要越来越有品味就得多陪朋友去shopping啦! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi,Lucky me again.I have been watching your blog and it seem that your Fans is falling apart???what happen??/There's lost of interst.But your colleague is picking up very well ,which i understand had been keeping closed in touch with all her new fans...check it out,i'm not trying to pulled ur leg things is happening!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woww..Yongmei . .. U very fast le (posted our photos). Thank you for selected me as a FM97.2 feshion show on last Sunday. After that lesson I already know how to dress up... no more Aunty shirt ..ha..ha.. Colour matching with more colourful...hi..
Lastly, thanks to yongmei,hongyu,trey and a handsome guy + This feshion. Janetwee

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei,

why you only post three photos out of nine? can show us the others?

叶咏梅 said...

not yet. i've got all the photos ready. but will gradually upload them on the web. come back for more!

juvnerz said...

i notice most of the selected model are quite slim, how about the fat one. how hah? How to dress?

I also went to "This fashion" yesterday, but i notice their color range is quite dull leh, either black, dark brown, dark green, grey, mostly very dark color. New year must wear more bright color ma!

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei, Surprised you have a very good memories when you see us at This Fashion last Sunday, you are able to recognize us just from those photos sent. Thanks to Yongmei, Hong You, Trey, all hard works pay off. Appreciated advice we got from you guys. I scream out when I saw my photos "before" and "after" in your blog. Aiyoh, old lady like me how to show, so embrassed. Well done, Yong Mei and look forward to see more of your new coming events soon.